Scott Salter, PR Account Exec

21st Jan 2013

Buongiorno mes amigos! (Spanglish, Franglish, Italianglish?) Lloyd here with Monday’s good and bad PR.

Good PR

I love listening to classical music and often relax to some Handel or Ludovico Einaudi at home. This usually involves lying on a bed with my eyes closed, barely moving. It wouldn’t be my first choice for pumping iron and pounding the treadmill when in the gym. But maybe I’m doing it wrong. Emma in our office likes to call me ‘the pie eater’ because I once ate a slice of pumpkin pie. I’ve felt guilty about eating that pie ever since and have tried to make up for it in the gym. To get that extra ‘pie-beating’ buzz I like to listen to music whilst I train, which is usually dance music of some kind or other.

Now though it seems that according to research from a neuroscientist, classical music could be the way to go. Energetic, but not overly-fast classical music helps to increase speed, strength and endurance but with the added bonus that it’s relaxing qualities can help to reduce heart rate and blood pressure. Apparently Beethoven’s Symphony No 4, movement 4, is the piece that produces the best effects. So for that reason, classical music in general, but in particular the works of Beethoven, is getting the good PR award today. I shall be recommending it to my gym!

Public Relations

Bad PR

The BBC took a huge PR blow when the Jimmy Savile scandal materialised. The whole tawdry saga dragged on for months as more and more lurid claims surfaced surrounding the disgraced former DJ. Just when it seems the revelations are beginning to slow, you would think that the BBC would steer well clear of anything Savile related. They’ve stopped airing Top of the Pops episodes that featured him recognising that it’s upsetting to the victims of abuse. But they overlooked an episode of children’s television show The Tweenies that included one of the characters dressed up as a Savile-esque DJ using his standard catchphrases. This caused outrage amongst viewing parents and as a consequence has caused the BBC to be awarded bad PR for today.

Public Relations

Scott Salter, PR Account Exec

Working on the PR team at 10 Yetis is pretty awesome; it is something different every single day! Clients I have worked with includes, Peachy, Terry’s Fabrics, Perfect Choice Funerals and more. The work I’ve been most proud of is my work with the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company, for whom we’ve achieved coverage on The Guardian and Telegraph, amongst others. Welsh and proud.

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