Scott Salter, PR Account Exec

20th May 2013

Bonjour mes amis! I don't even know if that Franglish is correct, but what I do know is; it's Monday, which means good and bad PR.

Good PR

I couldn’t resist this story for good PR. Helen Mirren visited a ten-year-old dressed as the queen to help fulfil his dying wish to have tea with the queen. Whilst the real Queen was unfortunately unable to attend, Helen Mirren ably filled the royal gap, dressing up in her queenly outfit for her current run in the West End and paying for Oliver Burton and his mother Catherine to watch the show. She then had a tea and cakes with him afterwards, staying in character for the whole time and even bringing in two corgis from the show to add to the authenticity.

A heart warming, yet heartbreaking story at the same time. Good PR to you Helen Mirren.

Public Relations

Bad PR

Kanye West. Some people are big fans. I’m not. It’s emerged that he’s decided to call his next album Yeezus. A cross between his nickname ‘Yeezy’ and Jesus. Originally he wanted to call the album I Am God, but changed his mind. Good move, you’d think, but he’s apparently saving it for a single instead.

I remember him belittling French house duo Justice vs. Simian at an awards ceremony once after their music video was voted ahead of his and I haven’t liked him since. The pair were respectful and he was plain rude, interrupting their acceptance speech and taking over the mic. I’m all about good manners and such a lack of consideration for others infuriated me. Fair enough you probably need a bit of an ego to get ahead in life, but some people take it too far. Kanye is definitely one of them.

Public Relations

Scott Salter, PR Account Exec

Working on the PR team at 10 Yetis is pretty awesome; it is something different every single day! Clients I have worked with includes, Peachy, Terry’s Fabrics, Perfect Choice Funerals and more. The work I’ve been most proud of is my work with the Wickedly Welsh Chocolate Company, for whom we’ve achieved coverage on The Guardian and Telegraph, amongst others. Welsh and proud.

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