10 Yetis Ultimate List of Top 10 Lists - PR Guide For Public Relations Newbies - 150 Essential Tips

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

23rd Jul 2013

Andy in the blog posting chair today and I hope that this will be a really useful one.

This post is aimed at public relations students and PR newbies looking to hit the ground running in their first job, or even during interviews.

Ultimate List of Top 10 Lists

10 Tips for Crisis Comms
1. Apologise if you can do so without getting sued
2. Announce a full inquiry into what has happened
3. Try to lead the media agenda via updates and not just be reactive
4. Have a team or person just to address factual inaccuracies around the crisis
5. Make sure you turn your proactive marketing off during the peak of the crisis
6. Try and take online debates and negative conversations offline asap
7. Identify fan-boys and ambassadors in your every day work so you can wheel them out to defend you during a crisis
8. Don't lie
9. Always put forward your most senior person possible for media interviews (if they are trained)
10. Don't be afraid of turning on your proactive marketing once things have died down

10 Things to Include in your Press Release
1. Contact info
2. Concise summary in the opening par that gets over all the details
3. Don't sweat the headline, make it catchy but don't spend hours thinking of complicated puns
4. Who, what, why, when, how should be covered in the story
5. Quirky and interesting quote, no one remembers a dullard
6. Is the release interesting? Does it have the pub factor? i.e. can you imagine your mates talking about it down the pub?
7. Thumbnails of supporting images
8. Your social media contact information (twitter)
9. Editors notes so journos can pad the story out
10. How Journalists can get further information, web site.

10 Things They Don't Teach You At Uni About PR That You Should Learn About
1. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
2. Time management
3. No one posts press releases any more!
4. Goody bag stuffing
5. You will have to dress up in costumes at some point
6. Photography (learn the basics)
7. Selling in is a blood sport
8. B2B PR in general
9. To be noticed by an agency you will have to stand out in some way
10. Coming up with angles for new campaigns

10 Most Over Used Words in Press Releases
1. Leading
2. Fastest Growing
3. innovative
4. Synergy
5. Unique
6. New
7. Research
8. Exciting
9. Fast paced
10. Ground breaking

10 Angle Generation Ideas That You Can hang a Press Release Around
1. Video showcasing something new
2. Social media campaign launch
3. Mine your sales data to find odd sales trends
4. Mine your site stats to find something quirky
5. New senior appointment (bit boring though)
6. Publicity Stunt
7. New product or service launch
8. Reaching a business milestone
9. Case Studies of success
10. Reactive statements or news piggy backing

10 Things Journos Will Say that Mean they are not Interested in your Story
1. Not one for me (an honest one)
2. Did not see it, please send again (saw it, it was dull, please don't send it in)
3. Please send it to news@magazine.com (no one will read it)
4. I am keeping it for a slow news day (this will never see light of day)
5. That is one for Alan on X Desk (Alan will tear you a new A-hole)
6. Not really the kind of thing we cover here (exactly the kind of thing we cover but I have enough stories for today)
7. Had too many stories like that already this week (boring)
8. On deadline sorry (get lost)
9. Has it gone to anyone else yet (I need a reason to not use this)
10. Send it to me again at 9am tomorrow (I am on holiday tomorrow)

10 Things Clients will say and what they Really Mean
1. I really think this story should get good coverage (our last release bombed and you are fired unless this gets good pick up)
2. I have a board meeting on Friday, I hope you have some good news for me by then)
3. This story sells itself really (even you lot can get it coverage)
4. We appreciate all of your hard work (work harder)
5. We appreciate how hard it is to get coverage (we have no idea how hard it is to get coverage)
6. You work in PR, can you use your contacts to organise the CEO's 40th Birthday Party event
7. We don't mind doing TV or Radio (we don't want to do any radio or TV)
8. I am available for journo chats 24/7 (mon to fri, 10am-4pm)
9. "The wackier the idea the better" (usually followed with: that could not be more Off-Brand)
10. We see this as the start of a long-term relationship (I give you two weeks)

10 Ways to Get Your Release Noticed Other than Emailing and Ringing Around
1. Include celebs in the story and tweet them
2. Send something old school in the post (snail mail)
3. Buy PPC Ads that trigger show on target names (everyone googles themselves)
4. Tweet it to journos
5. Do a vine mime of your story
6. Hand Deliver
7. Slideshare that bad boy
8. Take target journo out for a coffee/drink and brief in
9. Create a video press release
10. Offer it as an exclusive

10 Best PR Stunts we have Ever Seen (not ours)
1. Confused.com street bubble wrap
2. Tippex - Hunter Shoots a Bear on YouTube
3. Thorntons Chocolate Billboard
4. Garage Petrol Giveaway for Mercenaries 2
5. Paddy Power Sky-writing tweets during the Ryder Cup
6. Best job in the world for Queensland
7. Gail Porter projection on Big Ben
8. Town painted blue for launch Smurfs movie
9. Paddy Power hollywood sign at Cheltenham Races
10. Beard Permits for launch of IKEA in Bristol

10 Worst PR Fails we have Ever Seen (not ours)
1. Ratner & his gold
2. BP CEO and his oil spill comments
3. Eurostar CEO doing a crisis comms reaction video that looked like he was kidnapped and in a shoe cupboard
4. Blackberry and its outages
5. The BBC and Jimmy Saville
6. Political expenses scandal
7. Gordon Brown and his "ignorant woman" comment
8. John Inverdale and his alleged sexist comment
9. Abercrombie and Fitch (multiple reasons)
10. Andy Gray and Richard Keys in general

10 Songs for PR People
1. Smack my pitch up
2. Get links or die trying
3. 99 problems but the pitch aint one
4. I don't SEO nothing wrong with a little bump and grind
5. Press Release me let me go
6. Angles by Robbie Williams
7. P.R.E.S.P.E.C.T - Aretha Franklin
8. Wannabe (page 3 lead) - Spice Girls
9. Push It - Salt n Peppa
10. Can't Touch This (due to Embargo) MC Hammer

10 Industries with a Worse Reputation than PR (for when you get heckled at parties)
1. Estate Agent
2. Tabloid Journalist
3. Traffic Warden
4. Kids TV Presenters from the 70's
5. Professional Football
6. Politician
7. PayDay loan CEOs
8. Lance Armstong support team
9. Doctor Surgery Receptionists
10. Anyone in Banking

10 Journalists That Scare Us
1. Charles Arthur
2. Sean Poulter
3. THAT guy at Press Association
4. Lisa Minot
5. Miles Brigand
6. Tom Chivers
7. Harry Wallop
8. Mike Butcher
9. Sam Muston
10. Charles Rae (offa the late 90's, early 2000's)

10 Industry News Sites to Follow
1. The Drum
2. PRWeek
3. PRMoment
4. Adverblog
5. PRExamples.com
6. eConsultancy.com
7. Corp Comms
8. Brand Republic
9. Topsy Trending News Feed
10. B2BPRBlog

10 PR people on Twitter You Should Follow (or should that be "who i stalk")
1. @10Yetis (obvs!)
2. @wadds
3. @stedavies
4. @mynameisearl
5. @prcaingham
6. @RichLeighPR
7. @Jangles
8. @craigmcgill
9. @davidGHphillips
10. @MarkBorkowski

Bonus 10 For When Its Time to Go
10 Careers That Agency PRs Go On To Do Once They Have Had Enough
1. Teacher
2. Lecturer
3. Recruitment
4. Zoo Keeper
5. Travelling
6. In House PR
7. Freelancer Journalism
8. Marketing
9. Event Planning
10. Social Media

So, there we have it, thanks to the team for helping pull this all together.


Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Head Yeti of the good ship 10 Yetis Digital. Global conference speaker about all things social, public relations and digital and always looking to learn new tricks. Loves a pun and an animated gif.

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