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Jul 29th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Tuesday 29th July 2014

Hi Good and Bad PR fans!

Lauren here once again with your Tuesday dose of the winners and losers of the PR world from our point of view.

Good PR

Excellent news emerging from the travel press for cruise lovers this week, after it has emerged that a company is to offer customers the chance to view first-hand views of the arctic, including polar bears, seals, walruses and musk-ox in their natural habitat that mankind has sadly played a part in destroying before it is too late.

The month-long excursion aboard the Crystal Serenity cruise ship will allow passengers to travel through the melted North-West passage to see the sights of the arctic in temperatures as low as -2 degrees (and reaching a maximum of just 9 degrees). Whilst some environmentalists are criticizing the voyage for the fact that it will have a more damaging impact for the habitat than a Boeing 747 plane would create.

The trip of a lifetime will set passengers back as much as £14,000 ($24,000) but the 32-day trip will include adventures such as Helicopter , Zodiac and Kayaking trips, as well as Tundra treks with guides. Experts on board able to provide help and information will include 14 naturalists, explorers, scientists, explorer and photographers.

PR Agency

A spokesperson for the ship made the following comments to the Mail Online:

'Here in the Land of the Midnight Sun, you will bear witness to breath-taking landscapes that few have ever seen, from spectacular glaciers to towering fjords, and experience nature that is truly wild.'

If you are tempted, don't panic you still have over two years to save up as the first voyage won't take place until August 16th, 2016.

Bad PR

Arguably the most controversial and media-shy member of One Direction, Zayn Malik has found himself in hot water after tweeting a politically motivated message from his account to his 13 million followers.

The message which simply read #FreePalestine was uploaded at 5:31pm on July 27th, and has been retweeted and favourite almost 200,000 times already. However, it is being reported today that the 21 year old singer, who was raised as a muslim, has received a barrage of death threats ever since.

Of course, Zayn isn't the first celebrity to tweet their support to Palestine. Barbadian singer Rihanna did the same last week, only to delete the message minutes later after a slew of abuse on the social networking site.

Looking ahead, many are already speculating that the poorly-timed tweet will alienate Zayns Israeli fanbase, with some extreme accounts calling for him to kill himself, and another fan tweeting- "U have fans in #Israel. It broke me that one of my idols wand me to die @benwinstone @harry_styles @onedirection [sic]."

PR Agency

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 29/07/2014

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Jul 28th 2014

10Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 28 July 2014

Afternoon Everyone, Nick here with today's Good & Bad PR Awards.

Good PR

Our Good PR award goes to Brooke Vincent of Coronation Street fame. It has come to light that two big fans of hers saved up £1,000 each to pay her 'appearance fee' to invite her to dinner. Little did the Corrie star know that this was no swanky gala, but dinner at nandos with the two teenagers for a Birthday meal.

Upon learning of this truth, Brooke went ahead with the dinner, paid her share of the meal and has refunded the girls the fee they paid for her to appear. Bravo Brooke, proof that not all stars are too big for their boots.

As a parting gesture, Brooke tweeted both girls syaing what a nice evening she had and wishing a Happy Birthday! A holy grail for today's youngsters.

public relations

public relations

Images courtesy of The Daily Mail

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR is awarded to Lily Allen. Lily is receiving this awards for two instances. Firstly, her revelation that her recent weight loss is attributed to not eating proper meals and that she survives predominently on crisps. Regardless of whether this is true or not, someone so fixed in the public eye of teenage boys and girls shouldn't really be encouraging this as a way to stay in shape. Bad form Lily!

Additionally, whilst arriving in Sydney, she requested airport police to mock arrest her, purely for a publicity stunt and photograph. This has since been invstigated by the Australian police and caued the officers involved to face police disciplinary. No no no Lily, this really is no way to behave or to promote yourself for that matter, you just look a bit silly and attention hungry. More singing soft songs about Bears and Hares please!

public relations

public relations

Images courtesy of The Daily Mail

PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 28/07/2014

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Jul 28th 2014

10 Yetis Wknd Review - 28 July 2014 Feat Wikipedia, Buzzfeed, Lyft and Facebook

Morning y'all, Andy back in the weekend review hot seat. Keeping you up to speed on the weekend's goings on so you can keep your Sat and Sun to yourself yet still look switched on during the Monday morning team meeting with your boss and colleagues.

You can get real time witty banter* from myself on The Twitter, HERE

Buzzfeed sacks Viral Political Editor Benny Johnson for Plagiarism - Gawker
Let's get one thing straight, this is not going to dent Buzzfeed's current position as the most popular site on the web right now. All this will do is give the traditional media folks a chance to poke a stick at the site they are all trying to keep up with.

The story is straight forward. Twitter users started calling out Benny Johnson, the Viral Political Editor for Buzzfeed in the US for plagiarism. The calls got so loud, or shall we say, so many, that Buzzfeed had no choice but to investigate. The report came back that Johnson had 50 instances of copying and pasting. So, Buzzfeed did what they had to and he got the Sugary Finger.

What makes the story interesting from my point of view is that Buzzfeed knew about this from Tuesday last week but the announcement was not made until late Friday. Late Friday is, obviously, a really slow time for social media interaction and take-up because people are out a galavanting. A nice tactical move by Buzzfeed, meaning the story got far less coverage from the mainstream media than they would have gotten had this been announced on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning.

Buzzfeed ssacking

Buzzfeed Lol

Facebook Daily Active Users Up 19% - Search Engine Journal
One of the best write ups around Facebook's second quarter results is over on Search Engine Journal. All the big areas are drawn out and explored and explained in a really simple way.

The headline statistic, against the backdrop of naysayers talking Facebook down, is that its daily active users are actually up by 19%. They now have 829million users, wow!

Second quarter revenue was up 61% and this also shows that brands are ignoring the growing number of hatchet jobs being done on Facebook's advertising platforms and continuing to spend shedloads on promoting posts, branding and engagement. Another big stat is that 62% of ad revenue came via mobile in the second quarter. Yet another big tick for those backing mobile to be dominant platform in this space.

facebook second quarter sales figures

Facebook had a bonza second quarter

Limp Lift off for Lyft in New York - New York Times
Lyft is a peer-to-peer taxi service, that is the best way that I can describe it as I see it. In theory, punters give other punters a lift to places if they have a space in their car. Not actual taxi drivers, but us normal consumers helping each other out.

That was the plan anyway. New York taxi drivers and law makers were not having any of that though and they stopped Lyft from launching unless the drivers were subject to the same rules and laws as ordinary taxi drivers. So, Lyft has watered down how it works so that actual taxi drivers can be the people ferrying you around, but still using the Lyft mobile app.

In other words, another uber or halo as far as I can see (the payment is made for the trip through the app). Still, they got blanket global coverage for their New York launch.

lyft has lift off

Lyft has lift off

Wikipedia Puts Congress on a 10 Day Time Out - TheDrum
Political lobbyists and internet fiddlers based at Congress are on the naughty step courtesy of Wikipedia. The Wiki folks have got so fed up of Congress staff trying to interfere and make dodgy amends to profiles on the info site that they have given them all a 10 day ban.

Wikipedia has blocked Congress IP addresses for 10 days, in the hope that those naughty kids will have time to think about what they have done. Will this solve anything, nope. It is easy to get around.

However, the publicity for wikipedia is priceless and it is encouraging debate and discussion over what is right and wrong when it comes to playing around and updating wikipedia profiles.

wiki logo

Wiki bans Congress

*dull corporate Tweets

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PR Andy 10Yetis Andy posted on 28/07/2014

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Jul 25th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Friday 25th July 2014

Good afternoon Yeti fans. Sit down, relax and start your weekend in style with Friday's instalment of 10 Yetis' Good and Bad PR! Enjoy - Scott!

Good PR

In the past few years we've seen the rise of smart watches in the tech world, but it would seem that a Ukrainian-based developer, Michael Medvid, has revolutionised the smart watch industry.

Medvid has developed the Ritot, which projects it's details onto the hand of the wearer. Synched with your phone, the projections will show times, notifications and more.

It's a brilliant invention that really ups the game in the world of technological watches and I'm sure it'll be just the first of many cool and wacky new inventions for your wrist!

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR goes to Hazel Irvine and the BBC. Wednesday's Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony has certainly received mixed reviews in the Yeti office and was undoubtedly not a scratch on 2012's Olympic Opening Ceremony.

During Wednesday's Opening Ceremony, the Welsh team entered the arena and Hazel Irvine, the BBC's presenter, referred to Wales as a principality. It's a comment that has angered countless Welsh people (including this Welsh Yeti!). It's a totally disrespectful comment and is quite frankly totally wide of the mark.

It has been centuries since Wales has been recognised as a principality and this comment will certainly anger the Welsh population, a community the BBC rely on for many of their popular productions, such as Doctor Who and Casualty.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 25/07/2014

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Jul 24th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 24th July 2014

Good morning folks and happy Thursday! What a week we've had weather-wise, let's hope it continues into the weekend! Here's my take on today's Good and Bad PR, brought to you by 10 Yetis! Enjoy - Scott!

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to Pornhub, the online adult entertainment site. They have really upped their game recently, making a massive impact with their stunts and campaigns. Shazza posted recently about their fantastic 'safe for work' poster competition, which got fantastic pick up on Buzzfeed, Metro and more.

Following 'Weird Al' Yankovic's hugely successful video launches this week, Pornhub have jumped on the trend by teaming up with forgotten rapper 'Coolio.' The Gangsta's Paradise artist will release all of his new album via Pornhub, with his first single titled 'Take It To The Hub.'

It's another clever move from Pornhub, who have grabbed the PR World by it's balls recently (see what I did there), following their poster campaign and the post-World Cup campaign which begged users to stop uploading videos of Germany giving Brazil a good seeing to. This is the latest of their campaigns which is undoubtedly going to catch the eye of those online, with coverage already on national sites such as The Independent.

Image sourced from The Guardian

* Post Updated: Coolio has since come out and denied this. Oh well, it's still got people talking about Pornhub once again, so it still gets my Good PR. *

Bad PR

There's no eggcellent news for the poultry industry today, as news has hatched today of poor hygiene standards rife throughout the field. Giants of the poultry processing industry, the 2 Sisters Food Group and Faccenda, have been put under a hygiene alert for putting the public at risk, through supplying contaminated chicken to leading supermarkets and restaurants.

Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Marks & Speccers and Nandos are all in danger of selling contaminated chicken to the public. These major companies are all accused of failing to protect customers from the food poisoning bug, campylobacter, which kills round 100 people a year.

The news will majorly damage the reputation of these big companies should the hygiene standards not improve and a break out of campylobacter occur.

Why did the chicken cross the road? For better hygiene standards. (I'm sorry, it had to be done).

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 24/07/2014

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