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10 Yetis PR News

Jan 26th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Monday 26th January 2015

Afternoon Chums! Nick here with today's Yeti insights into the best and worst in the world of PR.

Good PR

Food giant Unilever has announced the arrival of two rather ropey sounding Easter eggs for the festivities in April, but these really are pushing the boundaries.

Marmite and Pot Noodle flavoured Easter eggs will be hitting the shelves of all major supermarkets and shops next week and although Easter is not until April, there will undoubtedly to sample both eggs to see whether they are surprisingly good or as ghastly as they sound. Either way, you have to applaud this as a great way to engage the masses in a celebration that has a pretty saturated market.

So, will you love or hate them? Either way, you'll be intrigued to try them.

public relations

Image courtesy of the Mail Online

Bad PR

West Midlands Police have made a criminal error (apologies for that one) with their blunder whilst attempting to contact Alex Faragher, 20, to take a statement regarding an incident. Upon arriving at Ms Faragher's home, they discovered she was not in, so called her mobile, but when it went to answer phone, the officer failed to hang up, leaving an extremely long answer message.

Ms Faragher listened to the message in which the officers in question could quite clearly be heard using expletives and referring to the suspected domestic violence victim in unsavoury terms.

West Midlands Police conducted an internal investigation into the matter, whose findings were rejected by Ms Faragher and the issue has now been referred to the Crown Prosecution Service. A lesson to all to make sure that call has ended, especially if you're a copper!

public relations

Image courtesy of the

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PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 26/01/2015

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Jan 26th 2015

10 Yetis Weekend Review - Feat: Pinterest Ads, Twitter v Instagram, Winklevoss, Google Penalty Options & Cancer Research

Back once again with our weekend wash-up of what has been going on over the weekend in the digital world. Helping you look switched on in your Monday morning meeting. This weekend had a few big things going on in our world, especially as we get closer to the Superbowl Final and the associated adverts start dominating the Digital Media landscape.

This weekend review features the Twitter v Instagram war hotting up, 7 Ways to Get Traffic other than Google (handy if you have got a Google penalty), Cancer Research, Winklevoss trying to take Bitcoin mainstream and Pinterest stepping up its assault on woo-ing the Ad world.

Twitter v Instagram War Steps Up a Level
Good read over on TheDrum, Twitter has stepped up its war with Instagram. Twitter bosses have started reaching out to its Blue-Star verified celeb, music and sport star community telling them they really should stop posting their pics to their Twitter feed via Instagram and instead post them direct.

Twitter V Instagram

Pic Cred:

The Drum cites this as Twitter trying to catch back up with Instagram now that the filter-fantastic image platform has move signed up members. It will be interesting to see how this plays out given many in the digital world (myself included) are saying that this could be a tough tough year for Twitter.

Contactless Donation Store Fronts from Cancer Research
Again, I may be late to this and it is old news but I love this piece on TrendHunter about Cancer Research partnering with Clear Channel to create contactless donation store fronts. You can wave you contactless bank card over the designated area and it gives them £2.

As simple as that. As the PR blurb says, it gives 24 hour donation capability and also allows the charity to tell its story via an interactive screen alongside the contactless point.

Winklevoss Tries to Take Bitcoin Mainstream with Gemini Exchange Platform
I love this story over on Mashable for lots of reasons. 1. It features the enigmatic Winklevoss Twins. 2. It features Bitcoin, an enigmatic currency platform. 3. The Name the Winklevoss's have chosen for their new biz is Latin for "Twins" apparently; Gemini.

Winklevoss Brothers

So, Bitcoin, the online currency, is a name known worldwide but few in main-stream consumer-land really understand it (wild statement I know, but I think I am right). The Winklevoss's love Bitcoin, to the tune of investing $11m of their own money. Wow. So they have created a platform called Gemini, a New York based, fully regulated, Bitcoin exchange that anyone can use.

They have partnered with a so-far unnamed US Bank to provide reassurance that your money is safe, and generally, this could take Bitcoin from the bedrooms of geek and early-adopting-entrepreneurs, to the masses. WinkleWinners I say.

Got a Google Penalty? 7 Ways to get traffic and leads when Google won't send them
I am not sure how old this piece is over on Moz, but it is a great read. It is fair to say that the majority of people who come to us for PR to help their SEO/SERPS, are doing so because they have some form of Google penalty that they are recovering from. Be that Penguin or Manual (not much we can help with Panda-wise), we can help build their authority link profile back up again via a focussed campaign. Anyway, I digress, but wanted to give some context.

GooglePenalty innit

This piece by Moz is, as ever, a really good read. It is a bit basic in places (includes a nice graphic explaining Affiliate Marketing 101) but I find these things are a great aide memoir (spelling). Very hand for when you are in the middle of working on something and just need to get back to basics.

Pinterest Steps up its Ads Plans
Pinterest, for so long the home of cup-cake makers and wedding planners, has stepped up its Advertising Plans. This is another story from The Drum. As I see it, essentially they are planning to better categorise their users activities, such as "OutDoor Living", "Interior Design" etc in order to make it easier for advertisers to target specific areas and niches.

Pinterest logo innit

This all came from their COO at the AdExchangers event last week. There were a few barbed comments as well, poking at the likes of Twitter and Facebook about showing ads that are more about the future intentions of the consumer, rather than as currently happens with social media platforms, you get ads served on a previous habit.

Pinterest needs to have a big year this year and finally crack serious monetisation so this will be interesting to watch. So far, I think the announcements lack a little bit of glam and pzaz.. both of these words are mainstream digital phrases, I know.

Have a nice week.


PR Andy 10Yetis Andy posted on 26/01/2015

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Jan 23rd 2015

10 Yetis Insight Blog - How to Determine the Target Media for your PR Campaign

Howdy folks, Nick here with some more Yeti insight into the wonderful world of PR. Today I'll be guiding you through our thoughts on how to determine your target media. Getting the right media targets can make or break your campaign, so investing thought and time into the right direction will pay dividends if done correctly. So, sit back and relax for my thoughts on how to get this right, what methods to employ and some small things that can be done to really make a difference in targeting the right people and making sure they cover your brand.

Who you want to target will depend on what kind of campaign you are running, so to cover as many bases as possible, the below tips are for both a traditional and social PR campaign.

First things first you have to remove yourself from your own thoughts and brand and put yourself in the position of the journalists or target media then also the audience you are trying to reach. Quite often, things can become over-complicated and introspective if you don't do this. Try to think less about what you want to say, but what will people want to read in what you want to say. Doing this will keep your campaign appealing but relevant at the same time.

Do your research. Now, many of you reading this may think, 'ummmmmm, of course you muppet!' but I cannot stress just how important this is. Firstly, and very simply, see which publications have covered similar subjects to that of your campaign. Make sure you not only know who has covered these subjects, but when and how often. It's key to also look further than traditional publications' print and online work, get stuck into the social and blogging world. See who is talking about the subjects, how often and how loud their voice is. It's so much easier to get good results if you influence and target these types of people. Their word is often considered gospel and can be shared on a frightening scale, so not only will this get your word out quicker, but your exposure will be far more organic.

Once you know the key targets, get to know their publications or outlets inside out. Know when they have their daily/weekly meetings, lunch, cigarette breaks, whatever, almost as if you would know your own agenda. This will help you get into a routine with your own day so that you can develop a timetable for your day to fit in with theirs.

Let's make no mistake, it's always a good idea to see what is being said about your competitors and more importantly, who is saying it and when. Keep one eye on their work as you build up to your campaign and exploit any gaps in the sector to your advantage, but making sure it's relevant.

When you know who is writing about your subject start compiling media lists, ensuring you focus on these key targets, but also building a broad collection of others who cover the area in general. This will ensure that you don't miss out on any untapped opportunities with other publications, who might not necessarily be on your immediate wish list, but increase the likelihood of coverage.

Build Relationships. As we've talked about, getting a bit more social with your approach also goes a long way. Like all of us, (well, most of us) the people you want to cover your work, have egos, so it never hurts to play to this. Get to know a few key targets or bloggers socially or over email/telephone, share their work (if it's decent of course), let them know of your presence. This will go a long way into getting you recognised as a brand and increase the likelihood of your campaign gaining traction.

Finally, keep your ear to the ground with movements within the industry. Staying abreast with comings, goings and structure of the media will mean you can react swiftly and not miss out on any opportunities. Quite often, if you've developed relationships with certain contacts, they will let you know when they are moving around and request you keep them up to date with your campaign, meaning that you keep the contact, whilst also broadening your range.

So there we have it folks, not an exhaustive account, but hopefully some good tips to get that campaign to the right people!

PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 23/01/2015

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Jan 23rd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Friday 23rd January 2015

It's Friday! And to celebrate the weekend, we thought we'd get personal... on the PR front. Here's the good and bad PR of the day, celebrating and commiserating with the people in the headlines.

Good PR

Josie Cunningham has benefitted from taking part in a documentary which aired last night, revealing that a lot of the controversial statements she's made previously have all been part of a grand scheme to keep her in the public eye, as opposed to her actual real-life opinions. Who'da thunk it.

As a result, lots of people have changed their opinions on Josie, respecting her desire to provide for her children above everything else, particularly her own reputation. Stories of her gruelling childhood bullying also softened the British public's heart, resulting in many tweets of symphathy today.

The trouble is, as Josie said herself, if the public like her, what will keep her raking in the money? Without the controversy, there's not much to pin her to the general consciousness. It will be very interesting to see how this develops.


Bad PR

Adrian Chiles is having a pretty rough time of it at the moment. After extended period of criticism for his presenting prowess, ITV has finally dropped him 'with immediate effect', although at the moment the reasons for his hasty departure remain undisclosed at the moment - leading only, of course, to further fuel the rumour mill.

The media is reporting huge celebrations on Twitter, as Tweeps all over the country rejoice in Adrian's dismissal. Oh dear, not a good day for the Chiles and it's likely that things could get far worse when the reasons become clear.

public relations

PR Leanne 10Yetis Leanne posted on 23/01/2015

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Jan 22nd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Thursday 22nd January 2015

Morning y'all! Scott here to bring you today's Good and Bad PR! We're almost at the weekend, so sit back, relax and enjoy!

Good PR

The cast of Eastenders get my Good PR award today.

The 'Who Killed Lucy?' storyline has been receiving some great attention recently, building some tense anticipation for the 'live show' reveal, which is happening next month.

The cast and producers of the show have been adding to the anticipation, first with Jake Wood (who plays Max Branning) revealing an 'I killed Lucy' sign at a live darts match.

Now the soap has gone one step further, with the full cast arriving at last night's National Television Awards in a red bus with a banner saying 'Eastenders: Who Killed Lucy?' covering the side.

The show then revealed a big clue half way through the NTAs, with a box opening to reveal an iPod and a sign saying 'this is the last thing Lucy heard.'

The hints have only fuelled the intense questions around the biggest 'whodunnit' in British soap history. WHO THE HELL KILLED LUCY?

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR award goes to Argos.

The giant retailer have been accused of racism after different skin coloured dolls were sold at different prices.

Black and oriental dolls were sold at £10 cheaper than those with white skin, despite the dolls being absolutely identical. The white 'Carole Calin' doll sold at £34.99, whilst others were priced at £24.99.

Critics have blasted the move, stating that it is unacceptable to suggest that white dolls are better than others.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 22/01/2015

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