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Mar 5th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Thursday 5th March 2015

Good afternoon all. Here's today's good and bad PR for you - Enjoy, Sam.

Good PR

If you like purchasing makeup but aren't a big fan of the price tag that comes with the brands, then this one's for you...

Today marked the launch of the Makeup Exchanger (MuEx for short) - a website that allows you to buy and sell new and lightly used makeup products at up to 70% off the RRP. You're probably now freaking out about the hygiene implications of sharing makeup, but all slightly used products have to be sanitised in the correct way, with instructions and how-to videos on the website showing you how.

The website solves a real problem for us women (and some men); we have so much makeup, whether we treat ourselves or get given it as a gift, yet we find ourselves sticking to the same items over and over again. Some items can sit without being used for years before we choose to just throw them out. Now, we don't need to let them sit for years, we can sell them and make some money whilst decluttering.

Even though the website only launched today, over 1,000 members signed up before the launch, much to the amusement of the founder, Amara Wattanasook (former sourcing manager). Brands already featured on the website include Revlon, Bourjois, Urban Decay, Chanel, Mac and Bobbi Brown.

What a genius idea! Now I wish I hadn't decluttered and thrown so much out a few weeks ago *sob*

Bad PR

If you believe in fairies, or want your children to believe in fairies, the National Trust have a message for you: they're not real.

I know - heartbroken, right?!

Back in 2000 in Wayford Woods, Somerset, someone came across a hole in a tree and decided it would be the perfect location to attach a fully-functioning fairy door, with door handle and hinges, to the tree, and then inside the hole (when you opened the door) was a fairy bed. How cute! This was done completely anonymously and the National Trust chose to keep it.

However, over recent years the fairy population has clearly grown and more & more fairy doors have appeared throughout the woods in all shapes, sizes and colours. Unfortunately the National Trust now feel it's gotten out of hand, and whilst the fairy doors have a lot of local support, they insist that fairies don't exist and the doors are to be removed. They even used words such as 'garish'.

I, for one, love the idea. If the community love it, I don't see too much of a problem. Yes, it may be a surprise to some who are visiting, however it's a completely unique attraction - unique can never be a bad thing.

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PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 05/03/2015

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Mar 3rd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Tuesday 3rd March 2015

Hello to all you PR fans out there! Scott here to bring you today's Good and Bad PR on this Tuesday - enjoy!

Good PR

He may be a massive douche usually, but today's Good PR goes to Jeremy Kyle.

The famous tabloid talk show host is known for being brutal with his guests, but today he has been very, very kind (for once!).

One of his guests has become pretty well known because of her teeth - bless her! Take a look at a selection of the abuse she got on the show for the teeth.

Well, after seeing this Jeremy Kyle and the show have paid for her to have her teeth done. The procedure cost £10k, all funded by the ITV show. It's great PR for the show and Kyle.

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR goes to an apparent 'up-market' restaurant in Manchester called 47 King Street West.

Melissa Grogan-Morgan and her hen party went for a hen-do dinner at the restaurant but were disappointed by their meal. The group spent £600 on their meal, left negative feedback on the restaurant's Facebook page. What came next I'm sure they could never expect.

Instead of trying to apologise or offer a refund to the group, the restaurant's Facebook page went on an absolute vile rant about the group.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 03/03/2015

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Mar 2nd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Monday 2 March 2015

Howdy folks, we're into March already and a fresh month for the great, good and powerful to delight us with some Good PR or cause some haed-shakingly Bad PR.

Good PR

As we become ever-reliant on smartphone wizardry, we sap the lives out of our their batteries at an alarming rate, so in an effort to nullify the need for a charger, flat-pack furniture giants, IKEA, are releasing a new range of furniture and household items with built-in wireless charging!

With what they are calling a 'Home Spot' the range will include desks, bedside tables and lamps and will wirelessly charge all Qi wireless compatible smartphones, which includes most of the modern Samsung models and Lumia, but unfortunately for Apple fans, not the iPhone.

These will no doubt only help to increase the queues at the trademark blue and yellow stores, so they better stock up on meatballs, which is surely the main reason for shopping at IKEA, isn't it??

public relations

Bad PR

Another energy firm and another pensioner being incorrectly told they owe thousands of pounds, you couldn't write it! It's the turn of British Gas this time whose error left Margaret Corey (72) shaking with worry at the demand £9,000 worth of energy, when she owed a mere £59. Her worry was exacerbated by the fact she pays by direct debit and assumed the sum would be taken from her account automatically.

British Gas have apologised and corrected the problem, but as I have said before, it's 2015, surely this kind of error shouldn't be happening anymore?

public relations

All images courtesy of the Mail Online

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PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 02/03/2015

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Feb 27th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Friday 27th February 2015

Happy Friday all, see in the weekend with my take on Good and Bad PR! Enjoy - Scott!

Good PR

Today's Good PR goes to Charlton Athletic Football Club.

The Championship club have caused a stir online this week with a brilliant publicity stunt. The club released a video this week of a couple who broke into their Valley stadium and had sex on the centre circle.

The video got over 1 million views and got everyone's attention, but the club yesterday revealed that it was a publicity stunt for their new pitch hire campaign.

I think this is a brilliant stunt. Charlton are such a small club and this stunt has given them the levels of attention that big clubs like Liverpool and Manchester United receive on social media.

Bad PR

Not good news for the NHS this. A hospital in Leeds has texted a dead man's phone asking him to rate his experience at the hospital.

Darren Wood, 42, was rushed to the St James' Hospital in Leeds after collapsing in his home, but died soon after arrival. The text was sent to his phone as his father was sorting through some of his stuff.

Whilst the Leeds NHS Trust has apologised for this, it isn't good at all. Losing a loved one is a horrible experience and it certainly adds to the heartbreak it in to receive a text like this.


PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 27/02/2015

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Feb 26th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Thursday 26th February 2015

Today's good and bad PR is a Brit Awards 2015 special - whoop! Enjoy - Sam

Good PR


Did you see what happened to Madonna last night?!!

Wearing a gorgeous Armani cape specifically designer for her Brits performance, Madonna took to the stage to perform "Living For Love". At one point in the song she was seen to try to untie the cape one-handed, next thing you know the dancers try to yank her cape away to no doubt show a beautiful outfit, except someone's done the cape up too tight and Madge gets yanked down 3 steps backwards with the cape!

Quite ironically, the song she was singing was about falling down and getting picked back up... LOL!

Fair play to her though...
1. It proves she was singing live, as there was a short gap where she obviously wasn't singing
2. As a true artist, she got straight back up on her feet and carried on with her performance, regardless of how much she may have been hurting

There are tonnes of hilarious memes going around the internet today. My favourites are along the lines of "Did you have an accident at work that wasn't your fault?" and "At her age, she's lucky she didn't break a hip".

No doubt someone's had a massive telling off, but poor Madge showed that she's every bit the entertainer. If that had been me I'd have probably awkwardly laughed and ran off stage crying.

If you didn't see it, or just want to see it again, here you go...

Bad PR

Sometimes Kanye West just doesn't think, and last night was proved that.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Rihanna was no longer going to be performing at the Brits, but all was OK as show producers had managed to get Kanye to perform, what with him being in London already and all. I wasn't convinced, but at least it would've given him something else to focus on instead of jumping on stage and ruining award speeches.

First Kanye made the news by popping in to Nandos to grab some food with his entourage, only to jump up onto the table that he was sat at and said "If we're gonna do this, let's do it right". I like this - tonnes of selfies all taken in one go, saving a lot of time and letting him get back to his food with his friends.

However, Kanye then made the headlines again when the majority of his performance at the Brits was muted due to his excessive swearing and use of the "N" word. Although, despite ITV's attempts to mute out all of the bad words, Kanye was heard to say the "N" word at least three times whilst on stage performing a new song from his upcoming album. Cameras on the audience showed that the likes of Taylor Swift and Lionel Richie were shocked by the performance, and hundreds of viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust.

OK, so the show was after 9pm, therefore there was no real need to mute out the bad words (no doubt the performance would've been half-decent if ITV had just let us listen to it), but c'mon man - there's no need to use the "N" word over and over again. It doesn't make you a "bad man".

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