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10 Yetis PR News

Aug 22nd 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Friday 22nd August 2014

It's Friday and, as I'm sure you are probably drying your eyes over the prospect of not getting to come to work for three whole days, here's today's round up of good and bad PR to take your mind off things.

Good PR

The cute factor wins out in the PR world today, as a Michellin-starred restaurant called The French Laundry has released reviews of their world-renowned California-based eatery - by a four year old girl called Lyla. Much the envy of the Yeti foodies, Lyla was invited in to sample the nine course tasting menu, featuring everything from caviar and butter-poached lobster to truffled gnocci, and her resulting reviews are the latest media hit.

Melon soup came out especially well for Layla, who referred to it as 'Tinker Bell popsicles'. While the famous eatery could be described as 'the best restaurant in the world, period' as per the words of food critic Anthony Bourdain, we'd rather go with Layla's, who sums it up as 'the most elegant bathroom I've ever SEEN'.


Bad PR

The NHS are under yet more bad PR - it seems like it's just one thing after another for the state-funded health care service. When infections and staffing problems shy away from the limelight, their catering standards get called into question. An angry patient who had recently undergone surgery on his foot was so disgusted with his meagre portions and, crime of all crimes, tinned potatoes, that he documented his meals in picture form and complained to the media about the brand spanking new hospital, which had previously won a Silver award for its food.

In all honesty, the food he was served is more along the lines of Oliver Twist than award-winning, multi-million pound medical facility. Being in hospital, I imagine, is bad enough, without having to put up with food which barely looks like it would feed a five year old. And before people get up in arms about our misconceptions of correct portion size, check out the below...

Sorry, NHS, I hate to do this, but it's bad PR for you again.


PR Leanne 10Yetis Leanne posted on 22/08/2014

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Aug 21st 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 21st August 2014

Howdy folks! As Scott's gallivanting around Copenhagen right now, you lucky things are going to get two of your daily installments of Good and Bad PR this week from your's truly. Here goes no.1 - hope you enjoy today's round up of the good, the bad and the fugly of the PR world...

Good PR

So this is a tricky one. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt because, besides being quite clearly a few WAGs short of a premier league team, this dude is definitely taking his personal PR pretty seriously. For some reason, he apparently wants to be known from shore to shore as the ultimate Manchester United football fan and I think it's fair to say he is well on his way to accomplishing the fame and (mis)fortune he seeks.

Mr Manchester United, formerly known as Zdravkov Levidzhov (I'm not joking. He changed his name, after battling with the courts for a decade - that's right, 10 years, this is no flash-in-the-pan whim for Mr United), has taken his bid to stand out further still. This week, it has been reported that he has had a new tattoo. Of the Manchester United football badge. On his forehead.

He says of his decision: 'It makes me stand out and proves my loyalty to United. I did think of having it on my arm, but that wouldn't have the same impact.'

Now that, my friends, is a man who understands a little game called PR.


Bad PR

It feels like only yesterday the kids were breaking up from school, but already the new school year is approaching as the nights draw in and it feels far too autumnal for the end of August. As such, the media have started picking up on the back-to-school process for parents, which I mainly remember consisting of being dragged around shoe shops by my uncharacteristically angry mum before she rage-drove us home for a cup of tea to recover.

The school supplies industry has to therefore receive the bad PR nomination of the day, after getting it in the neck not only for being notoriously expensive but also for producing clothing in what are quite honestly the largest sizes I have possibly ever seen, drawing attention to what seems to be an increasingly distressing problem of obesity in children. Trousers with 50 inch waists, blazers with 46 inch chests; the clothing ranges up to the equivalent of fully grown women's items in a size 30. When considering these are designed for school children, it's not surprising to see why the media are up in arms about the childhood obesity epidemic and those that apparenty condone it.


PR Leanne 10Yetis Leanne posted on 21/08/2014

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Aug 21st 2014

10 Yetis Helps - How to get the most from Twitter Ads - 15 Twitter ad tips

Hey there blog fans, a short while ago I was asked to give a Janet and John style talk on various aspects of social media gubbins to a Top 50 Public Relations Agency. One of the core areas was around Twitter Advertising.

Right now, Twitter Ads are hot across all sectors, SME's, big business and also agency side as more and more marketing folk finally realise that nothing "goes viral" anymore (check out our Gangnam Style research that proves this point) and in order to get anything to take off, you need to start with a strong database to promote the content too, or support with social media advertising.

This is commonly called, "pay to play", as in; to compete with the big brands, you gotta pay some money to get your content off the ground. This can be in the form of direct ads to promote your content, or trying to build a marketing database via social media that you can then push your content to.

Anyway, I digress.

The final presentation I gave was at the end of the day and so I decided to try and hold off the boredom by using stupid images of animals to support the very basic content that I was going through.

If you are an accomplished Twitter ad user, this Deck is not for you. I in no way consider myself to be a Twitter Ads expert, but I have used to for promoting job roles, growing our newsletter database and also seeding (also called Outreach) content.

Hope it helps.

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Aug 20th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Wednesday 20th August 2014

I love having a gander at the news every day and finding so many examples of good PR, and not very many of bad PR - well done world! Below is what I, personally, consider to be today's good and bad PR and if you like this feel free to check out my ramblings on the world of Twitter - @SamSummersPR

Good PR

Whatever your thoughts on festivals and alcohol, you can't help but admire Tesco on Portman Road, Reading...

With Reading Festival just around the corner, in the sense that it starts in 2 days (ah, so jealous of all those going!), Tesco - the closest supermarket to the festival site, just a 15 minute walk away - has ditched its usual fruit and veg and instead stocked their shelves with vodka, Jagermeister, cider and so on.

Tesco are expecting to see more than 35,000 people through their doors per day throughout the festival and are also selling all the necessities for camping, from tents, sleeping bags and camping chairs, to disposable plates, alcohol and snacks.

This is the stores busiest time of the year, even busier than Christmas, and I salute them for jumping onto the festival bandwagon and making the most out of a fantastic situation.

Bad PR

Barbie... a household name, a much beloved toy for many little girls (and adults - don't judge me) and an inspiration. But would you want to look like her? You're immediate thought may be yes, but really think about it.

Barbie's proportions are completely out of whack, and it's guessed that if she was a real woman she'd have to get around on her hands and knees in order to hold her over-sized head up. Not forgetting to mention that it's just not possible to have such insanely thin, long legs, with such a short torso. I don't think I ever looked at my Barbie dolls when I was little and thought I wanted to grow up looking like her.

Some girls, however, have done just that.

The most recent girl to come forward as a human-Barbie, Lolita Richi, from Kiev, Ukraine, is the youngest human-Barbie in the world at just 16 years old (and believe it or not, she never played with Barbie when she was little - in fact, she was a tomboy). Lolita says she dresses like this as she wants to look 'perfect';

"If a girl doesn't have beautiful eyes then they should wear contact lenses to sort it out. If they have a crooked nose, then she must do something about it, whether that's plastic surgery or not."

Whilst I believe that everyone is entitled to look and live however they want to, I'm making this today's bad PR as I don't want little girls all around the world growing up thinking that this is what 'perfect' looks like. To Lolita, this may well be perfection, but everyone defines perfection differently.

PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 20/08/2014

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Aug 19th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Tuesday 19th August 2014

Hello and happy Tuesday all.

Lauren here with my interpretation of the top examples of who is winning and losing the PR game across the world this fine August day.

Good PR

Anyone who knows me will already know all about my lifelong obsession with waterparks, and more importantly waterslides so high and vertical that they somehow seem to defy gravity. It therefore came as no surprise to get a fair few tweets and skype messages informing me of the crazy amount of coverage one waterpark in Europe is gaining today in the press.

The waterpark in question is called 'Tropical Islands' and trust me, it is no ordinary waterpark. It's the largest waterpark in Europe and one of the largest in the world at over 66,000 metres. It also happens to live inside an aircraft hanger just outside of Berlin in Germany. The handy, if somewhat unusual, location of the giant park makes it perfect for visitors year round as it's completely climate controlled at 26 degrees, and will therefore never rain!

Also featured in the park is a hotel featuring 522 bedrooms or 'lodges' for visitors to stay in after a long day riding Germanys highest water slide tower, measuring in at just over 27 metres tall. As well as this, the park employees also recommend a ride down the 112 metre Crazy River steel tube slide whereby visitors can reach top speeds of 70mph!

With the ability to hold as many as 6,000 water-lovers at any one time, a visit to Tropical Islands is certainly going to be an experience you will never want to forget, and something tells me that with the amount of attention it is receiving in today's press, it will not be short of visitors for the foreseeable future.

Now excuse me while I go and book myself on the next available flight to Berlin.....

Bad PR

Well well well, looks like it's that time of the year again when Channel 5 delve deep into their pockets in an attempt to convince some D-list celebs to enter a house full of cameras for a week whilst they are continually filmed and set ridiculous challenges.

That's right, Celebrity Big Brother is back, and after just one episode, is already on the receiving end of some extremely negative press today in the media due to the decision to send Deidre Kelly AKA White Dee into the house following her appearances on the hugely controversial Channel 4 documentary series 'Benefits Street', earlier on this year.

The 43 year old mother of two was seen on the show bragging about how much money she claimed in benefits, and was subsequently branded a cheat after being photographed in Magaluf on holiday enjoying the perks of being thrust into the limelight. While now claiming to be off the benefits, it seems as though the British public aren't entirely sure how a woman who claimed to be too depressed to hold down even a part-time job can manage to convince the production companies psychologists that she is well enough to handle the pressure of living in the Big Brother house for up to 3 weeks? A question I must admit I have been asking myself.

No official comment from Channel 5 regarding this topic so far, but needless to say if they are willing to look past any mental health issues Dee may suffer with in order to create the most entertaining Celebrity Big Brother they can, then they should be ashamed of themselves.

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 19/08/2014

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