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Oct 31st 2014

10 Yetis Insight Blog: This Halloween's Most Spooktacular PR Spectacles

What's not to love about Halloween; cheap sweets, face paint and silly costumes are always a recipe for fun for all the family. Plus, on the PR front, it's an excuse to go mad with our creative genius and allow our deepest, darkest engagement desires to run wild. Most of the time, this is a great thing for the general public, who often rejoice in the usually unexpected entertainment that is bestowed upon them as they go about their daily lives.

Unfortunately, there are still those sensitive souls (ghouls?) for which the holiday is just that bit too much, who prefer to draw the curtains, switch off the lights and hide themselves away from the trick-or-treaters.

Regardless of whether you're witching it up or sitting it out this year, here's a selection of the best and worst Halloween-inspired PR stunts we've seen so far this year to get you in the mood. Steel yourselves for many more as the hours of darkness descend upon us...

The Treats

"The Haunted Poster" by Grona Land, Sweden

Much like 'Unbelievable' bus shelter stunt which had Pepsi chuckling all the way to the bank earlier this year, this Halloween stunt pulled off by Grona Land, an amusement park in Sweden, was always destined for success. Amusement parks are brilliant clients to work for, with lots of fun to be had in their marketing, so Halloween is a great time to pull something really hot out of the bag, safe in the knowledge that it will be right on point for their target market; thrillseekers and those looking to have a good laugh (and even better if it's at someone else's expense!).

This stunt certainly didn't fail to deliver, with all the key components to make it absolutely brilliant; low budget, simple, genuinely engaging with great share value for social media. The whole premise behind it is that Grona Land has erected a billboard in order to promote their new Halloween 'House of Nightmares' haunted house attraction. The billboard, on the surface, features a plain white design with a QR code in the centre and the message 'Do You Dare Look At Our New Attraction?' Beneath that surface, however, is where the fun really starts, because the billboard is actually a tight screen behind which is a man, employed to scare the bejesus into inquisive passers-by as they scan the code. Genius! Check it out here...

This brilliant stunt definitely steals first place as our funniest prank of Halloween 2014. We can only hope to see similar stuff come to our own shores in the UK, as we think the British public would really get on board with this kind of activity.

"Monster Mirror" by Pepsi Max, UK

Pepsi Max use a significant chunk of their mighty marketing budget to push out some pretty damn fabulous PR stunts all through the year and this Halloween is nothing less than we would expect from them.

Targeting late night movie-goers, Pepsi installed special effects technology into the mirrors at a busy London Odeon to morph whoever looked into the glass into spooky Halloween characters. Just imagine washing your hands, glancing up at the mirror to see a warped clown or skeleton staring back through the glass! The reactions were perfect fodder for social media and reporting news channels everywhere, as you can see below...

It's great to see a brand really engage with their audience in such a direct and humorous way, making them the centre of the prank. As we can see in the video, after the initial shock (which is all part of the fun), the movie-goers definitely got into the spirit of the stunt, pulling faces and dragging in their mates to have a look. Not only is this a genuinely great stunt, but it shows off the brand's personality, ticking all the PR boxes.

The Trick

"Statue of Liberty Bowtie" by Nick Graham Menswear, USA

Now, this is categorised as a trick mainly because we don't believe it is actually going to happen. For Halloween and to coincide with a new range of products, a US-based menswear specialist, called Nick Graham Menswear, is apparently planning to create the illusion of two 60-foot bow ties on the Statue of Liberty today by hanging helicopters from the prestigious landmark.

Although I'm not quite sure what this has to do with Halloween (other than we suspect it is all a big trick) and think it would probably suit April 1st a lot better (fools!), it has to be said that the message is definitely out and about in the American media, with everyone and their dog up in arms about the prospect of their treasured statue being compromised by commercialism.

And so the coverage rolls in... Happy days!

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Oct 31st 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Friday 31st October 2014

Happy Friday PR fans! Scott here to bring you today's Halloween instalment of Good and Bad PR. It's a special edition today, as I have found some LIFE CHANGING PR. Enjoy!!

Life Changing PR

Believe it or not, today has changed my life. 31st of October 2014 will be a day to remember for the rest of my life. TESCO HAVE INTRODUCED A CUSTARD CREAM SPREAD.

Yes, it's true. You're not dreaming, there is a custard cream spread. There's mass excitement about this in the 10 Yetis office today, and we shall be popping out on lunch to grab some and taste the awesomeness of this.

Tesco, you've had a bit of a 'mare lately, but you've redeemed yourselves here. I love you.

Good PR

Today's Good PR award, slightly overshadowed by the Life Changing PR award, goes to the Chuckle Brothers.

The children's comedy duo have released a song, titled To Me, To You, with grime artist Tinchy Stryder, who must be wondering what has happened to his career.

It's a great PR move by the duo as it puts them back in the lime light, whilst also raising money for the ACLT charity. Check it out below:

Bad PR

I may seem like I'm on a one man mission to change the world, but today's Bad PR award echoes yesterdays. Victoria Secret are today's recipient of the Bad PR award.

When are companies going to realise that they have a responsibility to society, and in particular young women? Their latest ad shows a row of young models, who although extremely attractive, are clearly underweight. The ad comes with the title 'The Perfect Body.'

This is very clearly not the perfect body, at least not for normal people. Maybe for models, but not for young women. Brands need to realise that young women idolise these models, so they should not be shoving rubbish about underweight women having the perfect body down their throats.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 31/10/2014

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Oct 30th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 30th October 2014

Good morning PR fans. It's ALMOST the weekend, so get through this Thursday with my take on Good and Bad PR. Scott x

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to the Department of Education.

It has been announced that there will be a £2million drive to teach children about sexuality and homophobia. Teachers will have to include the words like 'gay' into their lessons, as part of the fight to combat homophobia.

An official report has revealed that more needs to be done to make a positive impact on homosexual and transgender people. I really believe that this is an important move for our society, as it is clearly evident that there is a problem within our society concerning discrimination.

I will say, however, that scrutiny needs to be put on Education Secretary, Nicky Morgan, after her dramatic U-turn. Just 18 months ago she voted against same sex marriage, but today she has backed it, as well as the aforementioned homophobia education in schools.


Bad PR

Today's Bad PR goes to Top Shop.

The fashion industry has come under intense scrutiny for many years for their underweight models. The industry promotes stick thin models, who front many of their campaigns, which puts intense pressure on young women to follow their idols and aspire to be as thing as them.

TopShop were exposed yesterday for introducing stick thin manikins to their store. @BeckyLHopper tweeted a picture of her friend, who is a normal size 8/10, next to the manikin. The difference is extreme, and clearly demonstrates the extreme body image they are promoting.

Big companies and brands have a duty to be responsible and do right by their customers, and this includes to promote a normal body image. Through using stick thin models and manikins, it puts pressure on young women to have that body image.

Top Shop must stand up and take responsibility for their actions, and promote the right body image for young women.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 30/10/2014

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Oct 29th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Wednesday 29th October 2014

Happy Hump Day! Yep, it's Wednesday and we're half way to the weekend. Whilst you look longingly into the distance, waiting for Friday, here's today's good and bad PR to keep you going. Enjoy - Sam

Good PR

Today's good PR has to go to Shoshana Roberts, Rob Bliss and Hollaback!

Rob was inspired to undertake to do this following a conversation with his girlfriend one day about her getting catcalled. After enlisting his friend, Shoshana, the two installed a hidden camera into Robs bag and walked the streets of Manhattan for 10 hours, recording everything. It wasn't too sly either as Shoshana even carried microphone recording devices in her hands.

Turns out, the microphones weren't the first thing that men in Manhattan noticed though, with Shoshana being catcalled 108 times over 10 hours - the video they created shows the variety of phrases, the wide range of people doing this, as well as people walking alongside her for periods of time. What the video doesn't show is the men winking and whistling at her.

This video is now being used by Hollaback! to highlight what women have to go through every day when they walk down the street. It doesn't matter whether they're dolled up for a night out, or simply walking around in comfy clothes, this shouldn't be happening to women. We wouldn't let this happen indoors, so why do we find it socially acceptable on the streets? Being catcalled, whistled at, even followed, can be very intimidating for women, and this needs to stop!

And it doesn't just go for women - this happens to men occasionally too.

Bad PR

I'm a massive space-geek. I love standing outside and watching the ISS (International Space Station) zoom overhead, lying in my backgarden when I know we're due a meteor shower, and so on. With this in mind, it pains me to give today's bad PR to NASA / Orbital Sciences'.

Two nights in a row NASA attempted to launch the 14-storey high Antares rocket, in order to deliver supplies to the ISS for the third time. Unfortunately on Monday night there was a stray sailboat in the blast zone, so the launch had to be delayed. However, when the launch finally went ahead last night, the rocket exploded and quickly came crashing back down to Earth.

Luckily the rocket was unmanned, all NASA staff and personnel have been accounted for, and the supplies weren't urgently needed by those working on the ISS, however it's going to take some time to figure out exactly what went wrong, clean up the debris, repair the site and prepare another rocket.

When you have a rocket that is worth more than $200,000,000, incidents like this shouldn't happen. I wonder if the team on the space station could see everything that unfolded.

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PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 29/10/2014

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Oct 28th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Tuesday 28th October 2014

Good morning everybody. Lauren here with my take on the day's best examples of Good and Bad PR.

Good PR

Good PR has to go to Mike Tindall, the former England and Gloucester rugby player who has recently joined Minchinhampton Rugby Club, the third division team club close to the home he shares with his wife and Grand-daughter of the Queen, Zara Phillips, and their baby daughter Mia. (ALSO QUITE CLOSE TO THE YETI TOWERS!)

The news was announced in national news sites and publications yesterday, roughly four months after the 36 year old became the final member of the 2003 World Cup-winning team to retire from playing top level games.

Tindall played his debut first game as part of the team on Saturday, beating the rival team, The Gloucester All Blues, an impressive 51-5, he later tweeted the following to his 90 thousand followers:

"Lovely little run out for @MinchRFC today, quality old school club - love it."

This news is obviously great for the supporters and players of Minchinhampton, who will no doubt see an increase in spectators at future games, but also shows that Mike Tindall complete and utter passion for the sport, and that he is just has happy playing for a local club near his young family, than playing international games thousands of miles away.

Bad PR


Sorry for that outburst, it's just that some news announced from the world-famous chocolate company has deeply disturbed the team here at 10 Yetis. The bosses have only gone and decided to scrap the gold chocolate coins that pretty much let everybody know Christmas has arrived. How will people know it's arrived now, Cadburys? How?

Unsurprisingly the good people of Twitter are NOT happy with the announcement, with online petitions to keep the chocolate coins already cropping up all over the place and the hashtag '#ChocCoinGate' trending across the UK.

This might all just be a sly trick to try and get sales of the coins up in the lead-up to Christmas, but honestly Cadbury, I am not impressed. You could've at least waited until the New Year to hit us all with this blow.

Evidently the Cadbury chocolate coins are NOT worth their weight in gold.......

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 28/10/2014

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