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Jul 24th 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 24th July 2014

Good morning folks and happy Thursday! What a week we've had weather-wise, let's hope it continues into the weekend! Here's my take on today's Good and Bad PR, brought to you by 10 Yetis! Enjoy - Scott!

Good PR

Today's Good PR award goes to Pornhub, the online adult entertainment site. They have really upped their game recently, making a massive impact with their stunts and campaigns. Shazza posted recently about their fantastic 'safe for work' poster competition, which got fantastic pick up on Buzzfeed, Metro and more.

Following 'Weird Al' Yankovic's hugely successful video launches this week, Pornhub have jumped on the trend by teaming up with forgotten rapper 'Coolio.' The Gangsta's Paradise artist will release all of his new album via Pornhub, with his first single titled 'Take It To The Hub.'

It's another clever move from Pornhub, who have grabbed the PR World by it's balls recently (see what I did there), following their poster campaign and the post-World Cup campaign which begged users to stop uploading videos of Germany giving Brazil a good seeing to. This is the latest of their campaigns which is undoubtedly going to catch the eye of those online, with coverage already on national sites such as The Independent.

Image sourced from The Guardian

Bad PR

There's no eggcellent news for the poultry industry today, as news has hatched today of poor hygiene standards rife throughout the field. Giants of the poultry processing industry, the 2 Sisters Food Group and Faccenda, have been put under a hygiene alert for putting the public at risk, through supplying contaminated chicken to leading supermarkets and restaurants.

Tesco, Asda, Aldi, Sainsbury's, Marks & Speccers and Nandos are all in danger of selling contaminated chicken to the public. These major companies are all accused of failing to protect customers from the food poisoning bug, campylobacter, which kills round 100 people a year.

The news will majorly damage the reputation of these big companies should the hygiene standards not improve and a break out of campylobacter occur.

Why did the chicken cross the road? For better hygiene standards. (I'm sorry, it had to be done).

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 24/07/2014

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Jul 23rd 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Happy Wednesday folks! Below is just a snippet of the good and bad PR floating around today - enjoy, and I'll see you over on the Twittersphere (@SamSummersPR) - Sam :)

Good PR

D'Oh... Ay carumba... Eat my shorts... Baaaarrrttt! - just some of the famous catchphrases from The Simpsons.

The show has been around for a very long time. There are 25 series (so far), a movie and one hell of an empire! How could the team behind The Simpsons possibly make the show any more appealing than it already is? Easy... Show all 522 episodes and the movie in chronological order, back-to-back on the FXX Channnel. This will go on for 24 hours a day from August 21st until September 1st.

Airing in 1987, The Simpsons is the longest-running US sitcom, the longest-running American animated program AND the longest-running US scripted primetime TV series... it's only right that The Simpsons is the first programme to be featured like this. I bet it's the start of what's to come though - I can only imagine lots of TV programmes will jump onto this bandwagon and begin airing all of their episodes back-to-back... erm, Desperate Housewives next, please?

I just hope that people remember to use a little bit of common sense and don't attempt to stay awake for days at a time to ensure they catch as many episodes as possible.

Bad PR

"Happy Birthday from Pounds to Pocket... We'd like to wish you the best on your special day! Now you can apply for the money you need to enjoy your birthday worry-free."

Translated: Happy Birthday! Take out a loan on your birthday and get yourselves into debt *thumbs up*

This was the jist of an email recently sent around by Pounds to Pocket, which has subsequently been banned for encouraging consumers to get their hands on a 'short-term loan' in order to have a good birthday.

The Citizens Advice charity complained about the email advert for irresponsibly promoting a 'worry-free' attitude about loans, with the Advertising Standards Agency stating they'd ruled the email was to be banned as it 'encouraged taking a short-term loan for frivolous spending and promoted the process of borrowing as trivial and without responsibility.'

PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 23/07/2014

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Jul 22nd 2014

10 Yetis of Good and Bad Public Relations- Tuesday 22nd July 2014

Hello happy people- still enjoying the sunshine?

Lauren here to bring you Tuesdays instalment of Good and Bad PR from the Yeti Towers.

Good PR

Whilst it may not be exactly GREAT news for all those involved in the story, the news emerging this morning around the now infamous bracelet-dress is an absolutely brilliant piece of exposure for those behind the new craze, loom bands.

It has been revealed today that the buyer of the headline-grabbing dress created from thousands of the plastic bands has pulled out of the deal, after originally promising an eye-watering 170k.

The dress was designed and created by Helen Wright from Prestatyn and Kathryn Burnand from Wrexham, who each received an email yesterday stating that the deal was off. It is not understood as yet exactly why the Surrey woman pulled out of the ebay agreement, although one can assume it was as a result of simply not being able to afford the price tag, plus the £7 for postage and packaging!

The dress is believed to be the first of its kind and captured the world's attention when it became viral last week, and even secured Loom bands coverage as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. The dress will now return to auction allowing those who bid over £150k to try their luck once again.

Don't feel too sorry for Helen and Kathryn though, they were quoted on ITV online saying that anything over £50 made for the dress will be a bonus for them!

Bad PR

A really sad one for bad PR today, after it has been reported on the Mail Online that a three year old pet pug named Merlin died on a sweltering P&O Ferry after being locked in his owners car. The animal was left in the car of his German family, who were believed to be moving to the UK, but after the 90 minute journey was over, they came back to find him dead.

More than 5,000 have already signed a petition aimed at changing company rules, which currently state that animals need to stay in vehicles during overseas crossings. The campaign has been set up by The petition has been set up by Nina Gadson, and is addressed to Defra and Elizabeth Truss, the new secretary of state for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.

According to a news article on Kent Online, the letter read:

"A friend's dog died on a cross channel ferry run by P&O due to heat exposure, they came down to their car after the 1.5 hour crossing to find one of their beloved pets dead, this is not an isolated incident.

Defra seemed in total support of the campaign and argued that if it considered animal abuse to leave a pet dog locked in a car for an hour and a half on LAND, how can it be acceptable and legal for a Ferry company to do the same thing at sea?

Despite stating that all procedures were followed correctly, the quote given by a P&O Ferries spokesperson didn't seem altogether convincing, and something tells me we might be witnessing a change in their policies and rules sometime in the future.

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 22/07/2014

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Jul 21st 2014

10 Yetis Insight Blog- How to achieve media coverage on TV and radio through a PR campaign- 21/07/14

Hi PR fans,

PR Yeti Lauren here to bring you the latest insight blog from our awesome PR agency (if I do say so myself!)

Today's post is focused on our top tips on how to give your PR campaign the best chance of receiving coverage on radio and television.

1. The Same, but Different

One crucial thing to remember when attempting to get coverage for a client on television and radio, is that it is not going to be as simple as trying to achieve coverage in print or on an online site. By this, I am not saying in any way that print or online coverage is easy to secure, but in terms of how much more work online and print journalists are able to work on at one time in comparison to the hectic schedules of radio and television planners and producers, the difference in vast. It is therefore a MUST that we, as PR's are only sending the extremely relevant releases or ringing TV/radio stations to sell in a story when we are sure it will be of interest to the broadcast news agenda.

2. Take Your Time When Selling in

If you have decided that your PR campaign/client will definitely be something of interest to broadcast journalists, as well as sending over any initial releases or summaries to news desks and forward planning desks, be sure to do some in-depth research. Ensure that your media lists are hitting the kinds of radio stations, news channels and TV programmes that is likely to be interested in the product, event or person you are representing. Typically speaking, something that appeals to the audience of Loose Women is probably not going to fare as well on a show like Top Gear or Countryfile, although of course there are always exceptions to this rule!

3. It's Good To Talk

As with the selling-in of any clients press release, it's all very well and good to send out to numerous target media outlets in the hope that it will organically pick up coverage everywhere you want it to, but let's face it, it takes a hell of a lot more work than that. Phone sell-ins are a crucial part of a PR's job, and an element that can ultimately generate the most fantastic and unexpected coverage for clients. Selling in a story for radio and television is no different, although it is really important to know exactly who you are targeting with what you are selling in, particularly at TV magazine programmes such as This Morning, Good Morning Britain, Sunday Brunch, The One Show etc, so here are some basic guidelines.......


news reactive, the story behind the headlines, first-hand eyewitness accounts etc....

The Experts- Agony aunts, Doctor, Fashion, Money, Parenting etc....

Lifestyle- Cookery, Gardening, Fashion, Beauty, Health etc.....

Entertainment- Celebrity guests, film reviews, showbiz events and gossip etc....

4. Breaking News Means Reactive Statements

One of the most effective ways we have found to secure broadcast coverage, particularly here at 10 Yetis, is to make sure you are always on hand to send out any reactive quotes or statements for clients when important news breaks that we can justifiably comment on. For example, one of our clients specialises in providing companies with high quality tamper evident security solutions, such as doping bags that cannot be altered with during transportation. Therefore, whenever a doping scandal hits the news, we are sure to approach all forward planning desks as soon as possible with a relevant industry reactive comment, a process which has resulted in our client being interviewed live on national television on the day of the news breaking.

5. Know What NOT to do!

Unfortunately, we have indeed had our fair share of negative experiences when selling in a PR campaign or story to television and radio, and seeing as we've shared with you what you should do in order to secure coverage, here is our brief rundown of what you should avoid at all costs!

Factually incorrect stories- Make sure everything in your sell-in/pitch is genuine and honest, as chances are it will be thoroughly fact-checked by the TV and radio stations and you do not want to generate a bad reputation for your client or your agency

Not picking up the phone/missing an important call when journalists are on a deadline- If you have successfully managed to send over or sell-in a story or campaign, the absolute WORST thing you could do after is miss a call from the producer or planner. Chances are, after one or at most two missed calls, they will scrap your client and call another PR who can be bothered to pick up their phones or who bothered to work after 5:30pm one night

Not delivering case studies to illustrate- If you have a piece of research or study that would work well on TV or radio with a case study to back-up findings, do NOT promise one unless you actually have one on hand who is media-trained and confident about potentially speaking live on air. Similarly, make sure your client spokesperson is comfortable in front of the camera before securing them broadcast opportunities. If they ruin one appearance, it is highly unlikely they will ever be asked to return!

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 21/07/2014

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Jul 21st 2014

10Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 21 July 2014

Morning Folks, Nick here with today's 10Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR. Enjoy!

Good PR

Today's award foor Good PR has to go to newly crowned Open Champion Rory McIlory. The 25 year old won the prestigious event by 2 shots and moves closer to joinging the 'Grad Slam' club, which consists of only 5 players who have won all 4 majors.

What makes McIlroy's victory that bit sweeter was his Family's belief in his ability. McIlroy's Dad placed a £100 bet with bookies that his son would win The Open by the time he was 25, getting odds of 500/1. Even though the £50,000 win is a mere drop in the ocean compared to Rory's millions and his £975,000 winnings, Rory's Dad has been rewarded for his faith in his son.

Congratulations Team McIlroy, a lovely advert for both sport and family.

public relations

image courtesy of Daily Mail

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR is being awarded to outgoing Chief Executive of Tesco, Philip Clarke. Clarke has announced he will be leaving his post at Tesco just after issuing the supermarket giant with a fresh profit warning and the worst sales performance in four decades.

The news comes as the retailer continues to struggle with the growing popularity of either shopping upmarket at Waitrose et al or saving money at value retailers Aldi & Lidl.

To add to Clarke's woes, investors have shown their approval of his exit as Tesco's share price has risen almost 3% already this morning on the news of his departure. Something which will resonate around the retail sector and could seriously hamper his next appointment.

public relations

PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 21/07/2014

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