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Feb 26th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Thursday 26th February 2015

Today's good and bad PR is a Brit Awards 2015 special - whoop! Enjoy - Sam

Good PR


Did you see what happened to Madonna last night?!!

Wearing a gorgeous Armani cape specifically designer for her Brits performance, Madonna took to the stage to perform "Living For Love". At one point in the song she was seen to try to untie the cape one-handed, next thing you know the dancers try to yank her cape away to no doubt show a beautiful outfit, except someone's done the cape up too tight and Madge gets yanked down 3 steps backwards with the cape!

Quite ironically, the song she was singing was about falling down and getting picked back up... LOL!

Fair play to her though...
1. It proves she was singing live, as there was a short gap where she obviously wasn't singing
2. As a true artist, she got straight back up on her feet and carried on with her performance, regardless of how much she may have been hurting

There are tonnes of hilarious memes going around the internet today. My favourites are along the lines of "Did you have an accident at work that wasn't your fault?" and "At her age, she's lucky she didn't break a hip".

No doubt someone's had a massive telling off, but poor Madge showed that she's every bit the entertainer. If that had been me I'd have probably awkwardly laughed and ran off stage crying.

If you didn't see it, or just want to see it again, here you go...

Bad PR

Sometimes Kanye West just doesn't think, and last night was proved that.

Yesterday it was confirmed that Rihanna was no longer going to be performing at the Brits, but all was OK as show producers had managed to get Kanye to perform, what with him being in London already and all. I wasn't convinced, but at least it would've given him something else to focus on instead of jumping on stage and ruining award speeches.

First Kanye made the news by popping in to Nandos to grab some food with his entourage, only to jump up onto the table that he was sat at and said "If we're gonna do this, let's do it right". I like this - tonnes of selfies all taken in one go, saving a lot of time and letting him get back to his food with his friends.

However, Kanye then made the headlines again when the majority of his performance at the Brits was muted due to his excessive swearing and use of the "N" word. Although, despite ITV's attempts to mute out all of the bad words, Kanye was heard to say the "N" word at least three times whilst on stage performing a new song from his upcoming album. Cameras on the audience showed that the likes of Taylor Swift and Lionel Richie were shocked by the performance, and hundreds of viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust.

OK, so the show was after 9pm, therefore there was no real need to mute out the bad words (no doubt the performance would've been half-decent if ITV had just let us listen to it), but c'mon man - there's no need to use the "N" word over and over again. It doesn't make you a "bad man".

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PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 26/02/2015

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Feb 25th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Wednesday 25th February 2015

Happy Hump Day!! We're officially half way through the week, the weekend is in sight, and I'm bringing you today's good and bad PR - what more could you want? :) Enjoy - Sam.

Good PR


By "we" I mean Soho, London, and 'Annie The Owl' will only be around for one week; 19th to 25th March, between 8:30pm and 2am (because owls are nocturnal, you know). It's already proving to be incredibly popular and with there being such high demand for tickets, a ballot system has been created. You can enter HERE and you'll find out after March 6th if you've been lucky to secure tickets.

At £20 a ticket, with all profits going to The Barn Owl Centre, you get two hours with the owls and two complimentary cocktails.

All of the owls are professionals, with their own personalities;

> Annie - the star of the show who the cafe is named after
> Darwin - the caring one
> Ruby - the exotic one
> Cinders - the cheeky one
> Winston - the wise one
> Hootie - the beauty queen

I can't think of a better way to spend two hours than with 'cocktails and creatures'.

Bad PR

Why can't the cast & crew behind 50 Shades of Grey bask in their glory, be the best of friends and just enjoy how successful the movie is?! Why do they have to be arguing, threatening to quit and whatever else?!

I read the first two books and a bit of the third (although I got bored of their honeymoon, so didn't finish the final book) and have to admit that I LOVED the books! I was nervous about seeing the film as lots of people I know had slated it saying there was no chemistry between the two and that it was nothing like the book. I went in not expecting much and was blown away - I don't know about you but I loved it!

It's been an incredible success at the cinema and no doubt all those involved are making a fortune.

I got excited when I heard that they're going to make the second and third books into films. Now, apparently, they won't because the author and the director aren't getting along, with both of them clashing over their visions and how much sex / S&M they want included.

Now Jamie Dornan is threatening to quit because, reportedly, his wife is uncomfortable about the sex scenes and him being a sex symbol. Whether this is true or not, what did they expect from him being the lead actor in an S&M movie?!! It's all made up, there's no real chemistry and they're not really "doing it" on set.

Everyone needs to calm down and get working on the second film. I don't want to have to wait years for it.

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PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 25/02/2015

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Feb 24th 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Tuesday 24th February 2015

Morning PR fans. Lauren here once again with the Tuesday dose of the good and bad PR examples for you.

Good PR

A clever move from Tesco has emerged this morning as the news is announced the flailing supermarket is teaming up with a number of beauty bloggers to offer online consultations through Google+ Hangouts as part of a year-long drive to establish the category within its stores.

The move is centred around Tesco's aim at increasing customer engagement and to build back brand loyalty which has taken somewhat of a downfall as a result of the increasing popularity of budget stores Aldi and Lidl.

According to The Drum online, consumers will be able to book free, confidential 15-20 minute consultations through a video link to beauty, make-up, skincare and hair bloggers via the Tesco Beauty Hub at Tesco Living. After each session, they will receive an email from the beauty expert, who will be under no obligation to recommend products from the Tesco range, with a product overview and recommendations.
The team at Tesco are clearly hopeful that whilst the grocery sector is struggling somewhat at the moment, the online beauty industry is growing and this is hopefully a way for Tesco to make 2015 and much more profitable and successful year that 2014!

Bad PR

The Oscars may have taken place over 24 hours ago now (a pretty long time in the fickle lifespan of Hollywood!), but one element of the extravagant awards ceremony that doesn't seem to be fading is the downright awkward behaviour of a certain Mr John Travolta.

If you thought the aging actor, best known for classic appearances in Pulp Fiction, Saturday Night Fever and Grease, made a fool of himself last year with the infamous mispronunciation of singer Idina Mendzel's name (Adele Dazeem- REALLY JOHN?), then his antics on Sunday night are sure you make you cringe all over again.

John was clearly convinced by his publicists, manager and 'YES' people that an on-stage skit with the 'Let It Go' singer would be a good idea, but the lack of chemistry as John attempted to apologise to his co-presenter and the really quite disturbing manner in which he embraced her, just made for a really uncomfortable audience. A separate red carpet appearance with a (just as embarrassing) kiss on the cheek of actress Scarlett Johannson definitely cemented the wig-wearing Travolta as the unofficial 'King of creeps' at the 2015 Academy Awards.

If that wasn't enough, the internet has not seemed to let this story lie. A barrage of mock meme's and GIF's are spreading across the internet and social media like wildfire, questioning some to ponder whether the 61 year old actor is perhaps in the midst of a mid-life crisis?

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 24/02/2015

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Feb 23rd 2015

10 Yetis Examples of Good & Bad PR - Monday 23 February 2015

Hello Chums, Nick here with Monday's Good and Bad PR and I thought I would stay on trend and bring you an Oscars special. Enjoy!

Good PR

Call me patriotic, call me biased or call me wrong, but following his remarkable performance as Professor Stephen Hawking, today's Good PR is being awarded to Eddie Redmayne as he took the gong for 'Best Actor' at last night's Academy Awards.

Eddie (33, looks 13) underwent a remarkable transformation in order to give an engrossing and touching performance of Stephen Hawking as the degenerative Motor Neurone disease took hold of his physical presence, all whilst maintaining a family life and career with the support of his now ex-wife, Jane.

Not only was Redmayne's performance accurate and touching, but throughout the entire promotion and award process, he was quick to praise the involvement and encouragement of Professor Hawking and his ex-wife, Jane, with the film being based on the latter's memoirs.

Proof that acting talent and being humble can go hand-in-hand!

public relations

Image courtesy of the Mail Online

Bad PR

After BAFTA received such a large (and deserved) backlash for omitting the late Bob Hoskins from their 'in memoriam' piece, to remember those from the industry who passed away in the previous year, you would have thought the Academy would have nailed theirs...? Although not an actress in the typical sense of the word, Joan Rivers was always thought of as an enormous prescence at the the awards. Her quick-witted questions and sharp analysis of the red carpet became synonymous with the annual showcase and the style/celebrity fallout from the event.

Despite this, the organisers failed to recognise her passing in the ceremony, something which has sparked a social media outcry, which has not faded in spite of the Academy's acknowledgement on their website.

Surely the Academy should have learned from the Bob Hoskins BAFTA debacle???

public relations

Image courtesy of The Guardian

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PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 23/02/2015

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Feb 23rd 2015

10 Yetis Insight Blog - Top Tips to Smash the PR Ring-Around

Ringing journalists is something which has got a bit of a bad rep in recent times, as our work is dominated by 140 character #journorequests and deadlines due yesterday. Everyone is in a rush and, unfortunately, this can result in some of the most basic and essential parts of our day getting the chop.

Ring-arounds, however, should not be one of them. First of all, it's a pretty depressing day when you have zero contact with those who should be your besties from nine-to-five. The argument against ring-arounds is often frighteningly similar to that spouted by those in the PRs vs journos camp, who believe that the two can never work in accordance with one another, but only at war.

This is definitely not the Yeti mentality; we are all for making PR as painless - even fun - as possible! And therefore we like to have a laugh with journos, those who run our bits and pieces and even those who don't (yet!). All in all, it's about making our jobs, and theirs, easier by doing PR properly.

Here's some tips to help you get to grips with the PR ring-around, get a friendlier reaction and maybe even result in some better coverage to boot:

1. Relax - don't gabble
Too many PRs feel nervous about ring-arounds and, subsequently, get themselves het up over making calls. This is a recipe for disaster. Before you've even lifted the receiver, you are already hyperventilating and as soon as the call connects, you're set to gabble your way through at the speed of light, leaving both of you in a bit of a spin. Don't over think the call, just remember your reasons and make it. Simple!

2. Remember you're a human being
You are not a robot or a cold caller - don't behave like one! If you put on your smoothest sales voice, you will sound like those awful PPI calls we all absolutely hate. Unfortunately, this will mean that ring-arounds will become your worst enemy as, by the time you've introduced yourself, you will already be met with hostility. Be yourself; talk at a normal pitch and rhythm as if you are talking to your best mate. You can even crack the odd joke if the mood strikes you. You'll get a far warmer reaction if you treat the journo like a real living, breathing person rather than a target.

3. Don't ask how they are
This is another bug bear. Don't open with 'Its Jim from The World's Best PR, how are you doing today?' You don't care how they are and, unless you're really chummy with them, they probably don't really want to tell you. All this opener will create is a little dance around 'I'm good thanks, how are you?' 'Yes, I'm good thanks' and this is wasting everyone's time and only proving to skirt around the issue you're actually calling about. Think about how you feel when you get that call from a random network and they start off with asking how you are. Annoying. Just get to the point.

4. Avoid mentioning the 'press release'
Another very common mistake made by a lot of PRs is to lead on from the time-wasting 'how are you' fiasco with, 'I'm just checking if you got my press release?' No! No, no, no! Don't say this. Worst case scenario, go for 'if you got my email' or, getting better, 'the announcement from XX'. Try to give a little taster of what the news was that you sent across, to spark the journalist's memory. If it doesn't instantly spring to mind, give them a brief outline and offer to resend before letting them go.

5. Stop blabbing about stuff they don't care about
No one's got time for you to bang on about things that are irrelevant. Whether it's a spiel of company background or what you had for tea last night, if the call is dominated by the sound of your own voice and endless monologues, it's a failure. As soon as you start to wonder if the journo's eyes are glazed over, they are - five minutes ago. Answer questions concisely and, if the answer's no, take it as a no and cut your losses.

Hopefully, these tips will help manage the call itself but it's also really important to do good preparation in advance. Try to keep your releases going out to tight, relevant lists, so the journos you are chasing up are the ones most likely to find your news genuinely interesting. This may seem straightforward, but can actually be anything but when you have constantly changing media lists to update and contacts to refresh. Putting the effort into the admin is one of the best tips to getting great coverage and improving your journo relationships.

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