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10 Yetis PR News

Dec 24th 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Wednesday 24th December

Hello everybody, it's only blooming Christmas Eve!! As Sam has already left for her Christmas break I get the pleasure of offering you the final Good and Bad PR of the year this very unordinary Wednesday morning.

Good PR

Good PR today needs to go to footballer Luis Suarez, who has remembered the true spirit of Christmas this year by sending 500 Christmas baskets to sick children and their families in Uruguay who face spending the festive period in hospital this year.

The former Liverpool and current Barcelona striker played the role of the children's Christmas guardian angels come December 25th by sending the gift packages to the Pereira Rossell hospital in Montevideo, Uruguay. The packages included a selection of delicious food and drinks, including a personal message from the multi-millionaire footballer:

'Wishing you a merry Christmas and a wonderful 2015 with your loved ones. Luis Suarez and family.'

Some may be surprised to read of this generous donation, considering the controversial year Luis has had due to his anger problems on the pitch (one word: biter), but he has remained a popular figure in his native country and examples like this show exactly why.

Bad PR

Hearing that you will not be receiving present ordered for loved ones until after Christmas has been and gone is pretty much the worst gift-related news you could've received this week, but that's exactly what tens of thousands of 'Yodel' customers have been gutted to hear this week.

Only last week the firm's executive chairman Dick Stead apologised publicly and assured his customers that the problems had been sorted. But last night he was forced to apologise and told the Daily Mirror:

'Unfortunately delays on some parcels are inevitable for a number of reasons, whatever the time of year, regardless of carrier or service they are sent on.'

'These can include address queries, poor packaging, mislabelling, traffic incidents and inaccessible properties.'

Hopefully this honesty will not put all disgruntled customers from ordering with Yodel again in the new year and beyond, but let's face it, with the amount of competitors in the industry, this really isn't the best time for the company to be letting people down.

PR Lauren 10Yetis Lauren posted on 24/12/2014

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Dec 23rd 2014

The 10 Yetis Insight Blog - Top 5 Christmas 2014 PR Stunts

Hello Yeti fans, Scott here to bring you one last insight blog of 2014! There's only two sleeps to go until Christmas, so what better way to celebrate the festive season than with a review of the top 5 Christmas stunts of 2014.

5. GAME's Christmas Shopper Game

Video game giant GAME have released a third person adventure game which allows users to "Embark on an epic quest to do a bit of Christmas shopping." The game is free to download for PC and Mac users and offers gamers the chance to explore a shopping mall and endure the whole hell and chaos of Christmas shopping.


(image courtesy of GAME)

Whilst many have been critical of the game, I think it's a great move from the video game retailer. There's no mistaking it, the game won't become a sensation, but it does create interest around the company, as well as identifying and targeting their audience. Their customers play video games, so it makes perfect sense to target them with a video game.

Check out the trailer for GAME's Christmas Shopper Simulator below:

4. Coral's Queen Abdication

Bookmaker Coral have caused a stir this week after suspending bets on the Queen announcing that she will abdicate during her Christmas speech this year. Twitter went crazy with many doubting the rumours, whilst Palace officials came out to deny the rumours.

So why did Coral suspend bets on this? You guessed it, a PR stunt. The bookmakers PR team sent out a press release detailing that Coral received "a rush of bets around midday" which it said was "very unusual" and "instantly set alarm bells ringing".

The i paper called Coral's betting office, asking for details of these bets and if the better was on offer, both were met with a firm denial. Nicola McGeady, Coral's PR Manager, commented that this was definitely not a PR stunt. I severely doubt that, however, and in my opinion this is a PR stunt.

It is, however, a successful stunt as it has caused a stir around their brand name and has got them in the papers everywhere.


(image courtesy of the Drum)

3. Splendid Sausage Company's Christmas Dog

Christmas always sees some dodgy PR stunts, but a few pull through from the pack and stand out as a great PR stunt.
One of my favourite stunts that I've seen this year comes from the Splendid Sausage Company (SSC), who hail from Manchester.

SSC have launched a special Christmas dinner hot dog, which looks incredible. Previously, we have had the Christmas Pot Noodle and Christmas dinner tin, but in my opinion this blows them out of the water. Just check out that hot dog below.


(image courtesy of Daily Mail)

For just £10, you can get a bun stuffed with turkey, pigs in blankets and all the rest of the yummy trimmings. Not only does it look incredible, but it has been a success in getting the small food retailer some great national coverage, including the Daily Mail.

2. Virgin's Santa Visit

Runner up in my round-up of the top Christmas PR stunts of 2014 has to Virgin Airlines. I've only just seen this today, but I absolutely love it!

Virgin Airlines, owned by the ever brilliant Richard Branson, projected an image of Santa onto the ceiling of one of their planes recently. The stunt took place during a transatlantic flight for one of their new TV ads.

However, even though it is only a TV advert, it's still a great stunt that will not be forgotten by those on board.


(image courtesy of

1. Air Canada's Gift of Home

Today's #1 has to go to Air Canada who produced a worldie Christmas stunt this year.

Canada's biggest airline decided to head to the Maple Leaf Pub, a Canadian-themed pub in Covent Garden, London, and surprise a few of the Canadian natives in the pub.

After talking to a few of them, it became clear that the majority wished that they could afford to go home for Christmas. The Air Canada pilots in the pub rang a bell, announcing that they would be buying a round for EVERY single person in the bar. Their round was not a round of drinks, but a round ticket back home to Canada for everyone in the bar.

A festive stunt to warm your heart strings, but also to prove that some big companies do care about their customers. This would have cost Air Canada a fair chunk of money to implement, but it is worth it to be remembered as the airline that gives at Christmas.

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 23/12/2014

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Dec 23rd 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Tuesday 23rd December

Good morning and Merry Christmas Eve Eve PR folks! Here's today's good and bad PR, just for you - Sam

Good PR

One of the best Christmas stories I've heard this year is about the Santa who learnt how to sign in order to communicate with a little girl who was deaf and had always struggled when meeting Santa in the past.

Ronelle Adam approached Salvatore Albert, Westminster Police Chief of Massachusetts who was due to be Santa, and explained that her daughter, Sadie Adam, was deaf and that she would love it if she could spend some time with him, teaching him sign language, in order to communicate with Sadie.

He practiced for three days and when Sadie arrived to meet Santa, she stopped in her tracks when he started signing at her, instead of talking to her.

OMG! I'm welling up just writing this!! How freakin' cute is this?!!

We take for granted our hearing and forget how hard it must be, particularly for little children, to communicate.

I love stories like this as it restores my faith in humanity - they're really are genuinely nice people out there who just want to make others happy at Christmas.

Bad PR

Today's bad PR has to go to a couple of supermarkets today - Waitrose, Sainsbury's and ASDA to be specific.

Shoppers have had their Christmas food orders and delivery slots booked for weeks already, ready to get their Christmas turkeys and festive feasts delivered just in time for Christmas, however computer glitches at all three supermarkets has meant that lots of orders and delivery slots have been completed wiped from the computers and many angry shoppers haven't yet received their deliveries - even though they've already paid. This comes not long after shops such as Marks & Spencers announced that due to a backlog of Black Friday orders, they were worried they wouldn't be able to keep up with shoppers online demands too.

The supermarkets have given a rough number of how many were affected; Waitrose stated the low hundreds, Sainsbury's stated less than 100, whilst ASDA stated it was around 40. All supermarkets have gone on to state that the orders are being rectified and will be delivered before Christmas as initially promised, however many customers have chosen to get their money back and go in-store to get their food just to be safe (even though they ordered online as it was convenient due to children, journeys etc).

That being said... a quick search of Twitter goes to show that not all deliveries were promised before Christmas - with some shoppers being offered deliveries on the 29th of December... just a tad late for Christmas dinner,

All I know is, it's going to take a bit more than a "gesture of goodwill" to apologise for this - I just hope that all shoppers who had their deliveries booked in for before Christmas do indeed get their festive goodies and that no one has to go without this Christmas.

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PR Samantha 10Yetis Samantha posted on 23/12/2014

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Dec 22nd 2014

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Monday 22nd December

Happy Monday PR fans, I hope you all had a good weekend! It's Christmas week and I have the honour of bringing you today's Good and Bad PR. Enjoy!

Good PR

Today's Good PR goes to Elton John and his new husband David Furnish, who provided live coverage of their wedding on Instagram.

Many would say that this is not a good thing, as this should be a private event, but I applaud the couple for publicizing their marriage.

Same sex marriage is still a controversial subject, despite being legal, so bravo to them for not being ashamed of their marriage.


*Image Courtesy of Daily Mail*

Bad PR

Today's Bad PR award goes to global fast-food giant, McDonalds.

The famous M brand have revealed th¬¬at they will be cutting down their menu, limiting customers choice. Now, one would argue that this isn't a bad thing, but the options that they are cutting is a national disgrace. Favourites such as the Quarter Pounder with Cheese, Premium Chicken Sandwiches and the Snack Wrap are all getting the cop.

I can't help thinking that this will be a dreadful move by McDonalds, with many still seeking their favourites (particularly the Quarter Pounder With Cheese).


*Image Courtesy of the Lad Bible*

PR scott 10Yetis scott posted on 22/12/2014

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Dec 19th 2014

The 10 Yetis Insight Blog - A Day in the Life of a PR

A day in the life of a PR person is challenging, hectic, tiring, but above all else, a lot of fun. Things can change in an instant and we have to be prepared to rearrange our day to follow suit. Now, we aren't all the same, so I can't speak for everyone, but here is my insights into a typical Yeti day as a PR and hopefully by the end, you will see that it's not so much 'Ab Fab' and we're not all like Malcolm f*****g Tucker!

public relations

public relations

Before getting into the office, the start of the day has two pressing tasks. Get the coffee on (nice and strong) and check the news for any... umm... news. Once these two tasks are complete, I can then think about showering and getting on my way.

Once I've battled the traffic and listened to 20-25 minutes of Chris Evans' impossibly cheery voice I arrive, resisting the urge to buy more coffee from the local Costa (sometimes), then settle down into the day. First thing's first, get onto the emails to check whether I have won the Nigerian lottery, then make sure there haven't been any disasters overnight, which thankfully is very rare, then check the various media outlets for news of our clients, making sure we keep them fully updated with news and coverage.

To make sure that we have our finger on the pulse, it's important to get any press releases out nice and early (but not spam early) so that it's the first thing that journalists see when they open their emails. Sometimes these can have last-minute changes and this can take up until 9:30-10am. For me, this is the time where I will either be told to put the kettle on or offered a coffee, which I will almost certainly gladly accept.

10am marks the time where journalists will most likely be planning their daily news, so is also the time for us to organise the rest of the day and fill the next hour with our day-to-day tasks. Writing, admin, planning, brainstorming, preparing pitches, the list is endless, but this hour and a half is quiet, but key to managing our day properly.

To strike while the iron is hot, 11-11:30 marks the time to follow up our press releases, selling in the stories and gauging the reception. This is the time where we apply the thick skin as sometimes the calls aren't always met with the warmest of receptions, but hey, that's part of the job and you have to just roll with it and crack on, and hopefully get some good results for your clients, whilst keeping in the good books of the journos. Good relationships here are essential! Throughout the morning, we will also have been monitoring the hundreds of journalist requests for experts, comments, insight and case studies that get fired via email, twitter, etc. to make sure we are first in line to offer our clients for these immediately.

12-14:00 are the hours most journalists are on lunch, so whilst they're taking some respite from the day, we aim to do the same (not for a whole 2 hours though). As well as having a feed, this is also the time to keep on top of emails and crack on with more of our writing, proofing, planning etc. to make sure we are constantly ahead of the game.

If we're not out pitching, filming, meeting or likewise, we'll be starting our second stint of follow ups, and hopefully getting some more hits for our clients, whilst also getting the odd stern word. Trick is, know your audience! The afternoon tends to disappear so quickly, that hours become minutes and before you know it, its 16:00 and you're staring down the barrel of a late leave, so it's essential to keep on top of the written work in between the phone calls.

The final hour or so is usually a bit of a rush and the time where you make sure everything essential for the day is covered off and just as important, the next day is planned, because if it's not, good luck! One last check for further coverage or news, then once you're finished (and if you're not due at a function or awards ceremony) it's time to get back home to rest and refuel before it begins again.

public relations

So there we have it, my take on a typical day as a PR and by no means a universal guide.

PR Nick Sadler 10Yetis Nick Sadler posted on 19/12/2014

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