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10 Yetis Goes to SASCON 2014 - Thought from Andy Barr

Jan 22nd 2014

Hola people of the blog. Great news, my blog log-in has been fixed and I can once again bring you my delightful insights and thoughts... woot!

So, myself and our Social Media Legend, Iona St Joseph, went up to Manchestaaaah last week for #SASCON 2014. What an event. The best SASCON that I have been to.

I have waffled on about my experiences in the below video that features mentions for Drew (owner) from Battenhall, Dom (Head of Social) from ASDA/Walmart (for me, pound for pound, the most influential person on the UK Social Media scene - if such a scene exists) and also Phil (head of Organic Search) from MoneySupermarket.

Here is my video...

A few thanks: Big up to Simon Wharton offa Pushon, James Crawford offa PRAgencyOne, Dan Bell from Media Comm North, Richard Gregory from Latitude.

Finally, really missed Kristal Ireland :-)

Andy, out...

PR Andy 10Yetis Andy posted on 22/01/2014. .


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