02nd Sep 2019 by Fran Tuckey

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR – 2nd September 2019

Can you believe it is September already, where has the summer gone? Soon enough the Christmas markets will be up and we’ll all be singing ‘all I want for Christmas’ by Mariah Carey.

Anyway, I am here to bring you this week’s good and bad PR so let’s get started…

Good PR

What’s a bit of porn for a Monday afternoon? You might have already heard, but PornHub have decided to make the ‘dirtiest porn film ever’ and before you get excited about what the video might potentially entail and before you ask, it is pretty dirty, but not quite in the way you might think.

They have created a porn movie that is filmed on a beach full of rubbish in a bid to raise money and awareness of ocean pollution. They have said that for every view they receive, it will lead to a donation to a non-profit charity called Ocean which specialises in solutions to collect the plastic waste from our oceans. It’s one way to get people to watch a porn video but at least it’s all for a good cause. You might need the tissues for more than one thing as you’ll be crying at the state we’ve left our oceans in.

From one good campaign to another, Cadbury are doing something great and you might start noticing in shops that their packaging no longer have words on them. Why you ask? Well, they have partnered with Age UK to bring the plight of lonely older people to the attention of the nation and finally do something about it and by doing so, they have donated their words to help the 225,000 older people who regularly go a week without talking to anyone. Great work Cadbury!

Bad PR

You would think that updating your gadgets would make them better, not worse. It seems that a recent Windows 10 update is causing people a lot of problems recently. Many people tend to avoid updating their Apple iPhones with software updates as it can leave their device to slow down or cause problems to apps which obviously shouldn’t happen and now Windows has come under fire as their automatic update has meant that a lot of users have lost files or are unable to work certain aspects of their device. This quickly led to angry users to take to twitter to express their stories of mishap. It has now been said that Windows have turned off their automatic updates and users will have to give permission if they want to go ahead with the latest one.

In other news, Disney is receiving a lot of backlash after leaving their staff on the island of the Bahamas to face the recent Hurricane Dorian. It is said to be the worst Hurricane they have seen on record and is showing as a category 5, but whilst the majority of the island has been evacuated, Disney has left their staff to take cover in shelters. Their families back home are obviously in despair and took to twitter to express their rage saying that they had the time to evacuate them but they made the decision to stay, whilst although the 97 members of staff are said to be safe and Disney are in regular contact to make sure the team have plenty of food and water, it could have been a very different story if any of the members they refused to evacuate ended up being injured in any way.

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