07th Oct 2019 by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR – 7th October 2019

Morning y’all. I’ve had a gander through the online news sites, social media sites and more to bring you a roundup of what I think are the top stories for today’s good and bad PR…

Good PR

Lidl is at it again; staying ahead of trends and giving their customers the products they want at prices they can afford, this time launching their own skincare range. The Hydro Expert range by Cien will include cleansers, gels and micellar water, as a starter, with products ranging from between £1.49 and £3 in price.

What makes the brand even more exciting is that it centred around hyaluronic acid; something that our skin naturally produces to maintain moisture levels, but something we can all do with adding to our skin, especially during the winter months when the air is cold and dry.

In a bid to appeal to Gen Z, and do their bit for the planet (of course), Unilever have announced they’re going to be cutting its new plastic use in half. The brand currently produces around 700,000 tonnes of plastic a year across their brands, including PG Tips, and are conscious that younger consumers are worried about plastic use, purpose and sustainability.

OK, so the brand is more worried about consumer attitudes driving profits, than actually helping the planet, with the latter not really appearing in their official comments, but whatever the driving factors, it’s a step in the right direction.

The final for Britain’s Got Talent: The Champions was held on Saturday night, with our fave TV hosts Ant & Dec. So what better opportunity for a TV network to highlight a key issue within the UK right now, than to interrupt one of their biggest shows?!

Halting the show, the presenters introduced ITV’s new mental wellness campaign, sharing facts such as how anxiety and depression in children has risen by an alarming 48% since 2004. Followed by a minutes silence, everyone in the studio sat silently while those at home were encouraged to take the minute to talk to each other.

A little while after there was a short film including some big names, such as Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who were all standing in silence, with messages woven into the scene. This is the first of many, with ITV airing many ‘silent ads’ over the coming month, with brands such as Gillette, Network Rail, Dunelm and others getting on board.

The goal is to get 10 million people taking action in a bid to improve their mental and physical health by 2023 as part of a wider “Britain Get Talking” campaign.

Bad PR

I’ve heard some amazing things so far about the new Joker movie; it’s already breaking box office records in American having smashing $93.5 million in the first weekend alone, and lots of my friends are raving about it.

But, some poor soul on the music team only went ahead a picked out a song by Gary Glitter, didn’t they?! And according to Calum (a fellow Yeti), it’s one of the best scenes of the film, which is only going to help boost sales and downloads of the song. In turn, boosting the royalties that Glitter will receive.

Considering the Joker’s character is a result of child abuse… and knowing what Glitter did… either someone’s got a sick sense of humour or they royally F’d up.

It’s not the only thing that the film has come under fire for either, with families of shooting victims claiming the film is inciting violence – with undercover police officers attending screenings in New York to ensure everything was peaceful.

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