22nd Aug 2023 by Andy Barr

10 Yetis Digital Announces the Launch of GolfTimes.co.uk

10 Yetis launches GolfTimes.co.uk golf news and reviews website

Digital marketing agency, 10 Yetis Digital, has unveiled its latest publisher platform with the launch of GolfTimes.co.uk, a dedicated platform for golf enthusiasts.

This marks the third stand-alone publisher site by the agency, following the successful launch of Jogger.co.uk and BeautyAnswers.co.uk.

GolfTimes.co.uk is set to become a hub for golf aficionados, offering a blend of news, reviews and engaging content on all things golf. From the latest golfing equipment reviews to insightful articles on golf techniques, the site promises a comprehensive coverage of the sport.

Additionally, the platform is complemented by a TikTok account, GolfTimesUK, which will further amplify its reach to a younger more dynamic audience.

10 Yetis founder, Andy Barr, said:

"Launching GolfTimes.co.uk is a great milestone for us. Golf is more than just a sport; it's a passion for many, and we aim to create a space where enthusiasts can come together, share and learn. Our previous ventures have shown us the potential of niche platforms and, with GolfTimes, we're taking it a step further."

He continued: “Our clients also benefit from the search engine optimisation, digital public relations and promotional tests that we deploy on this site to grow its audience, because we can share these successes with them.”

The platform boasts contributions from a team of professional golf journalists and coaches, ensuring that the content remains authentic, informative and relevant. These experts are committed to sharing their knowledge, tips and experiences, making GolfTimes.co.uk a go-to resource for both seasoned golfers and newcomers to the sport.

GolfTimes.co.uk invites freelance writers to contribute and share their unique perspectives on the game. The content on the site is diverse, ensuring that it caters to a wide range of interests within the golfing community.

Andy Barr added: "Over the years, 10 Yetis has ventured into various domains and, with each project, we've learned and evolved. GolfTimes.co.uk is a testament to our commitment to delivering quality content and creating platforms that resonate with specific audiences."

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