21st Apr 2017, by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad PR- Friday 21st April 2017

Happy Friday folks – Sam here bringing you a good and bad PR round up for the week. Enjoy.

Good PR

It’s official guys, you can now order KFC delivery through Just Eat! You heard it here first (OK, you probably didn’t, but let’s just pretend).

So, this is currently only available for 30x KFC locations in Greater London so far, but this is due to keep expanding throughout the next year and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed that they bring this to Gloucestershire.

With Just Eat claiming that chicken is within the top five most ordered cuisines, it was about time they got KFC onboard. It’s finger-licking good, after all.

Speaking of food, Ed Sheeran’s world tour has kicked off in Newcastle, and to celebrate Greggs (the bakery) set Ed a giant box full of sausage rolls. Like seriously so many.

The box was dolled up to look like his new album cover, except with sausage rolls and the word “divine” instead of “divide”, and I can only speculate how many sausage rolls were in the box, but there are so many. I’m so jealous. They’re literally my go-to food item to purchase for Greggs. And now I’m hungry.

If anyone from Greggs is reading this, send me a DM or an email ????

Bad PR

We’re on a food roll here, switching over to bad PR though – Morrisons have had to recall their trimmed beans (170g, display dates 22/23/24 April) after two customers found needles within their green beans.

It looks as though the needles have been inserted deliberately, with one customer, Margaret Lynch, finding needles in 12 of her green beans. That’s too many to be a coincidence. 12 too many, to be exact.

In another news, I’m so sad to hear about the death Szenja, a 21-year-old polar bear at SeaWorld who has died unexpectedly. Whilst 21 is a great age for a polar bear to reach, it appears as though Szenja died of a broken heart *sob* - literally all the feels!

In February this year, SeaWorld announced that they were moving Snowflake, Szenja’s BFF, to another zoo to breed with a male polar bear. The two girls had such a great friendship, having lived together for 20 years, and Szenja really missed her friend – it wasn’t long before staff noticed that she had lost her appetite and all of her energy. She sadly passed away on the 18th of April.

RIP Szenja.

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