21st Jan 2019 by Samantha Summers

10 Yetis Meet the Team: Fran Tuckey, PR Account Exec

Full name: Francesca Tuckey

Title: PR Account Executive

How long have you worked at 10 Yetis? Six months

Tell us about your career path before joining 10 Yetis

Before I became a Yeti I studied Multimedia Journalism at Southampton Solent University where I worked across all media platforms such as print, TV, radio and online. I also gained work experience working on freelance video projects and also with the Daily Echo newspaper, ITV Meridian and Gloucester Press Office, and it was there when I decided PR was the route I wanted to take for my career journey. I started my first PR job with a consumer tech agency in a small village called Corsham, just outside Bath. Whilst there, I gained most of my PR experience, built good relationships with journalists across the tech and wider industry. I was always testing products and pitching to journalist in London which lead to getting coverage in nationals, magazines and across online publications.

What are you into outside of work?

I would say I am a bit of a social butterfly, staying in on weekends is a no from me. I love my friends and I am very lucky to have stayed in contact with the majority from school so we spend a lot of time eating out at restaurants, brunching and lunching and also going to festivals, events and the odd holiday here and there, however this can be difficult to arrange with our work schedules and busy lifestyles! I am also a bit obsessed with crime programmes, real life documentaries on anything murderous are my fave, they are just so fascinating to watch! I am also blessed to have a great family; 5 nieces and nephews in total so far, so in my spare time I like to be with them, making memories and all that! If I’m not doing the above then I’ll probably be online shopping for clothes I don’t need, drinking at a pub or club or sleeping, as that’s what I do best!

Career highlight to date

I once went out for a meal in Twickenham with some journalists from What HiFi and I ended up kissing one on the lips as I said goodbye – completely by accident of course, but the shame stays with me to this day.

On a serious note, getting coverage in the likes of the Financial Times and Forbes have been highlights of mine. I also worked with a previous client who sponsored the TRIC Awards (Television & Radio awards) and I went a long and met every celeb you could think of, that was a pretty cool moment!

What’s you go-to karaoke song and why?

This is a tricky question as there are so many songs to choose from. I used to be a big McFly fan back in the day, and by big I mean psycho fan, chasing them down the streets and what not. I met them all more than 10 times after following them around the UK whilst they were touring and doing CD signings. So for the teenage McFly fan in me I would probably pick the song Star Girl as I always believed I was their star girl and it is a great song that takes me back to my McFly-obsessed crazy years.

What PR/Social/Digital campaign (none 10 Yetis) have you most admired?

One particular PR stunt that stood out for me was when Range Rover wanted to promote their new car model; the Revere Range Rover Vogue. They covered the car in red spray paint with words such as "Cheater, it's over" and "Hope she was worth it!" and parked it outside luxury departments store Harrods in the middle of London.

People soon took to social media to post pictures of the car and it went viral pretty quickly across the world. Many news publications were writing articles on it, people were trying to figure out if it was a hoax or not, but all in all there were pictures of the new model Range Rover EVERYWHERE. It was a great stunt that definitely got everyone talking!

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