14th Sep 2018 by Katie Hawksworth

10 Yetis Meet the Team: Katie Hawksworth, Senior Social Media Exec

Name: Katie Hawksworth

Title: Senior Social Media Executive

How long have you worked at 10 Yetis: Since September 2018

What is your career history?
I’ve always worked in-house before now, from B2B SME’s, to large B2C companies in sports, retail, industrial and education sectors. From this I’d say I’ve got a wealth of experience of how things work in-house so have a full appreciation for how we need to work with you as an agency!

Tell us an interesting fact about yourself?
I love adventure but my top two pleasures in life are food and animals.
On the food front, there isn’t much I don’t like and I think I’d win in a pickled onion eating competition against most people.
On the animal side of things, I’ve got a cat called Ed and a horse called Bill.. two of the three main chaps in my life! Love them.

What has been your career highlight so far?
Landing this job of course!! I’ve worked on some amazing campaigns and projects in the past too, from winning crowdfunding projects and starting up marketing and commercial activity, to working huge sponsorship announcements.

When did you last laugh so much that a bit of snot came out?
Love this question. You know I used to get a little hung up on this as I laugh pretty easily. This happened very recently while watching the film ‘Spy’ with Melissa McCarthy. The scene where she gets pink eye... that was a great one and still gives me the titters thinking about it. P.S I always blow my nose in the morning now just in case…


Why 10 Yetis?

This is 100% down to Lauren who I’ve been friends with since school. Lauren aka @growingupandout was always showing off how much fun she was having at work and I absolutely wanted a piece of that. I’m someone who really wants to make an impact in my career but want to enjoy it too, so 10 Yetis ticked all the boxes for me.

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?
Two choices here.. Boring choice would be super fast reactions as I can be quite accident prone and this might prevent a few bruises. Less boring choice would be to fly. Who wouldn’t?!

If you had to do a karaoke song, what would it be?
Easy. Mambo Number 5!! I think I still know most of the words to this too... what a hit.

What PR/Social/Digital campaign (none 10 Yetis) have you most admired?
I’m always swayed by lifestyle brands with a sense of adventure and I think GoPro and RedBull really captivate their audience. A smaller campaign which I love though has to be Know Your Lemons. These guys do everything I think you need in a campaign; they promote their product, build brand awareness and create a sense of community by being so shareable. All of this is done in a humerous and engaging way so in my opinion, this really is great.

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