10 Yetis need you to help us take Good and Bad PR to the masses!

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

24th Jan 2011

Starting from next week, we'll be writing a new column for PR news and jobs website PRMoment, taking our Good and Bad PR format to the masses, in weekly installments, every Friday.

If you know of any spectacularly brilliant - or, shockingly bad - PR in any given week, please do email or tweet us, and we'd be happy to give credit within the column.

The column isn't limited by sector - so, if you see something brilliant happening to engage the media, bloggers or the public, such as the Old Spice campaign, the Greater Manchester Police live-tweeting or the Brewdog stuffed animal bottles, let us know.

Alternatively, if you see something particularly poor - such as BP's handling of the oil spill, Gordon Brown and Bigotgate or Primark's padded bras for kids, don't hesitate to send it over.

Again, please do email or tweet anything you see, at any time - and we'll be sure to thank you and your agency for your effort!

Thanks in advance all - let's celebrate the great, the terrible, the ill-judged and all inbetween.

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Head Yeti of the good ship 10 Yetis Digital. Global conference speaker about all things social, public relations and digital and always looking to learn new tricks. Loves a pun and an animated gif.

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