10th Dec 2015 by Helen Stirling

10Yetis - #Take6 Vine - 5 ways to keep on top of your Christmas social media during the holidays!

The latest #WhiteboardVineofTheWeek is a handy guide to keeping on top of all your social media channels across the Christmas period. Of course scheduling in advance takes centre stage here; but also making sure you have alerts set up for relevant keywords or breaking news stories means you can keep on top of your posts and your industry. Make sure that you have helpful scheduling tools set up, such as Latergramme, which is especially useful as Instagram can be particularly annoying to keep on top of when those mince pies and movies are calling.

If you really don't have enough time to schedule, or you have just planned to shut down on the bank holiday days, then it is a good idea to make your followers aware of this changes, especially if you have a customer service branch to your social media.

Watch below to find out al of our tips. It only takes 6 seconds!

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