17th Dec 2015 by Helen Stirling

10Yetis - #Take6 Vine - Our top 3 campaigns of 2015. First is #OreoEclipse

So we thought we'd do a little run down of our favourite campaigns of this year and we've put them into 6 handy seconds.

First up we've got the #OreoEclipse campaign which merged social media and real world advertising. They ran a campaign around the major solar eclipse back in March, and made sure everyone saw it! They took over the cover of the sun newspaper with a translucent overwrap imitating the eclipse and they also had big outdoor screens which showed an Oreo cookie moving in exact unison with the real solar eclipse. So even though it was cloudy in the UK you could still see the event on their video screens and online! See the rest of the stats and what we thought in the vine below!

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