Quick note about The CRAPPs most-fanciable category

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

17th Nov 2011

Dear all,

Just a quick post to say that with all taken into consideration and all voices (so far) heard, we’ve decided to remove the ‘most fanciable journalist’ categories from The CRAPPs 2011 in what we now believe is the right thing to do.

The last thing we want to do is cause offence – our intention is to simply highlight the (at best) love/hate relationship between PR people and journalists in a light-hearted way.

We included the categories due to a number of people in the PR industry saying they thought they would fit in with the tone. We agreed at the time, but appreciate and understand feedback saying otherwise.

Apologies for any offence caused and to all who have nominated in the aforementioned categories - your votes won't count but you may still be charged.

Thank you to everybody who has so far nominated in and shared The CRAPPs!

Andrew Barr

Andrew Barr, Head Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Head Yeti of the good ship 10 Yetis Digital. Global conference speaker about all things social, public relations and digital and always looking to learn new tricks. Loves a pun and an animated gif.

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