10th Mar 2012, by Andrew Barr

10 Yetis Lists the Top 20 Most Influential UK PR Bloggers - According to AdAge

The Advertising Age Power 150 blogs list first caught my eye a few years ago, and since then I have glanced back every now and again to see if the 10 Yetis PR Blog has moved up the rankings...

Anyway, I looked the other day for the first time in about a year and I noticed that there has been a big shuffle, a new ranking algorithm and there are far more UK blogs and sites on there. It is now a far broader spread of companies from the Marketing Mix; from SEO and PR Agencies, through to Advertising and Direct Response specialists.

So, I thought, why not do a Top 22 for the PR sector? After all, everyone likes a list :-)

You can follow all of the people on this list (except one) via this handy Twitter List wot I put together.

Below the list are my usual “get out” clauses, in case I have borked something.

Top UK Public Relations Blogs

1. We Are Social Blog http://wearesocial.net/
2. Neville Hobson Blog: http://www.nevillehobson.com/
3. Michael Litman Blog: http://www.litmanlive.me
4. Liberate Media Blog http://www.liberatemedia.com/blog/
5. Stuart Bruce Blog: http://stuartbruce.biz/
6. Ste Davies Blog: http://stedavies.com/
7. Paul Fabretti Blog: http://blendingthemix.com/
8. Dirk Singer Blog: http://liesdamnedliesstatistics.com
9. Brendan Cooper Blog: http://brendancooper.com/
10. James Gordon-MacIntosh Blog: http://t4w.blogs.com/spinningaround/
11. PR Media Blog Blog: http://www.pr-media-blog.co.uk/
12. Jonny Bentwood Blog: http://technobabble2dot0.wordpress.com/
13. Simon Wakeman Blog: http://www.simonwakeman.com/blog/
14. Stephen Waddington Blog: http://www.speedcommunications.com/blogs/wadds/
15. Adam Vincenzini Blog: http://www.commscorner.com/
16. Phil Szomszor Blog: http://www.theredrocket.co.uk/
17. Metrica Measurement Matters Blog: http://metrica.net/measurement-matters/
18. Mediations Blog: http://publicsphere.typepad.com/mediations/
19. Drew B Blog: http://theblogconsultancy.typepad.com/techpr/
20. Punch Communications Blog: http://www.punchcomms.com/punch-blog/
21. Chris Norton Blog: http://www.deaddinosaur.co.uk/
22. Sam Oakley Blog: http://www.northernpr.co.uk/

NOTE, apologies to WeAreSocial and Liberate Media who are now included in the list and who missed out the first time around :-) This has made the list a Top 22 now.


The lists above are exclusively made up from blogs and sites listed on the Advertising Age Power 150. My list is ranked in the order that the blog or site appears on that list.

Not happy with where you rank? Unless it is a glaring error from me, take it up with Advertising Age. If it is my error, andy at 10yetis dot co. uk

Advertising Age uses a number of metrics to calculate where you appear on the list. I am assuming the list can be gamed as Litman Live ranks so highly (joking Michael, you knows I loves you, you social PR legend you). Sorry if you are offended with where you are listed.

Has Advertising Age classed you in the wrong country and you are actually UK based and want to be on the list? Let me know, show me your passport and mum's Birth Certificate and you are in (joking about passport and Birth Cert).

Cheers, Andy

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