10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Friday 20th April 2012

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

20th Apr 2012

Emma here with your fill of Good and Bad PR before the weekend comes. Have a great weekend!

Good PR
Today is a good day for everyone’s German-based discount supermarket Lidl; whose mayonnaise has been crowned top of the egg-based condiments in a taste test by the consumer watchdog Which?.

Lidl’s Vita D’Or mayonnaise scored a whopping 73% on the taste-test with Aldi’s Bramwell’s Real Mayonnaise coming in second place with 71%; beating the big boys like Hellmann’s and Heinz. The taste test was done by 100 blind-testers (not physically blind, of course)and it seems that the budget supermarkets pulled out top trumps.

Bravo Lidl- cheap and tasty.

Bad PR
When will people learn to stop making word documents about their personal lives that could potentially go viral? Today’s Bad PR therefore goes to poor old David Merkur- an investment banker from New York City- whose organised online dating spreadsheet has gone viral thanks to a female friend.

Merkur starting using Microsoft Excel to keep track of his online dates through Match.com- adding the names, pictures, appearance notes and running comments on his relationships with his dates. The sheet is a highly detailed account on his thoughts/ status with each woman, and has apparently defended his spreadsheet as ‘an honest attempt to stay organised.’

Not necessarily bad PR- particularly for Match.com who may very well have had something to do with this (PR nudge nudge, wink wink). But Bad PR nonetheless for poor old David, whose dating life has now been put on show for the world to see.

public relations
Spreadsheets- good for date organisation. Bad for date reputation once viral.

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Creative Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital. Always colours in between the lines and can correctly interpret any creative brief, no matter how “back of a fag packet” it can be. One of the original Search Engine Optimisation renegade masters. More often than not found with a tub of acrylic paint or a sticker book.

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