10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Tuesday 23rd October 2012

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

23rd Oct 2012

Ah Tuesday, everybody's favourite day of the week...Lloyd here, back on the Good and Bad PR for today.

Good PR

Tesco are getting the vote here. A 15 year old work experience boy created a ready meal on his first day apparently. The Beef and Tomato Wedge Bake. Well done to him. They were supposedly trying out different food types and the youngster thought beef and tomato would be a good combination. From there culinary greatness ensued and his work is now stocked in stores up and down the country. The supermarket chain has advised him on what qualifications he would need to succeed in the food industry and have asked him to come back for some more work experience. So all good and very positive.

Well done to Tesco for spotting the PR benefits of this. It promotes the actual ready meal itself (I’m tempted to try one!) but also helps promote Tesco careers to that they’ll get the employees they want. And of course it makes them look like all round good eggs who’re nice to work experience peeps.

Public Relations

Bad PR

The NHS is getting bad PR after producing a website and iPhone app for teenagers that dish out tips on oral and anal sex. It’s aimed at teenagers as young as 13. That’s never a good combination.

The controversial website offers advice on sexual health but includes a frank FAQ section and explicit images of genitalia. I understand why the NHS wants to educate youngsters on the dangers of unprotected sex and promiscuity, and they need to do it in an accessible medium for teenagers and one that’s going to appeal to them. But it’s a fine line to tread. And maybe they’ve crossed it here. Tax payers’ money being spent on this has outraged family charities who’ve labelled it ‘grossly irresponsible’.

If it stops the spread of sexually transmitted illness and unwanted teenage pregnancy; great. If it encourages youngsters to experiment; not so great. Not really sure which way this one will swing, but if I was a teenager and the finer bedroom arts were explained to me, I’m sure I’d have been more likely to give it a go than abstain.

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

Shannon is the Head of PR at 10 Yetis. She has been instrumental in the growth of the agency and has worked on every major client account that we have ever won. Shannon has devised and executed award winning campaigns for the likes of confused.com, Wish.co.uk and TotalJobs. She is a true industry pioneer and always relishes any challenge.

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