10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 19th November 2012

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

19th Nov 2012

Hello blog readers, the day of Mon is here. Lloyd with good and bad PR.

Good PR

It’s been out for a while, but today it’s been highlighted just how popular the John Lewis Christmas advert is.

Everybody loves John Lewis. They’re such a homely company that treat their staff and customers with genuine respect. They’re definitely the good guys of retail.

The John Lewis Christmas advert has become a big thing. Last year it was a young boy eagerly waiting for Christmas day. The viewer was given the impression that he was eager to open his own presents. How wrong they were! He was just looking forward to giving his parents their present from him. Adorable!

This year they’ve gone with a loved up snowman trekking for miles to get his snowwoman partner a new pair of gloves, hat and scarf. Personally, I felt that the snowman took the long way to the shops, as climbing mountains seemed a bit above and beyond, but the sentiment behind the advert has evidently tugged at a few heart strings as internet sales have soared by a third. The total sales for the last week have amounted to £91.7m, 8% up on last year. Well done John Lewis. They’ll be overhauling the Christmas Coke advert in the popularity stakes at this rate.

Public Relations

Bad PR

I love The Hobbit. I love Middle Earth. I read Lord of the Rings countless times when I was younger, including The Silmarillion. I had a huge thirst for all things Tolkien. When the LotR films came out I enjoyed them, but conceded they weren’t a patch on the books. However I am still massively looking forward to The Hobbit films even though I already believe they won’t come close to the novel. My cinema tickets have been booked and paid for.

Today then, I am sad to be awarding bad PR to The Hobbit, as the deaths of 27 animals have been attributed to the production. They were kept in suspect conditions on a nearby farm, which had numerous bluffs, sinkholes and broken-down fencing that posed serious risks to the animals well being. They didn’t actually die on set, but not enough was done to ensure their welfare which led to several wranglers refusing to work on the film.

Despite Peter Jackson and co getting bad PR, it still doesn’t dim by anticipation for the film. I love animals, but I love Tolkien. Hopefully they’ll learn from their mistakes.

Public Relations

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

Shannon is the Head of PR at 10 Yetis. She has been instrumental in the growth of the agency and has worked on every major client account that we have ever won. Shannon has devised and executed award winning campaigns for the likes of confused.com, Wish.co.uk and TotalJobs. She is a true industry pioneer and always relishes any challenge.

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