10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Friday 7th December 2012

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

07th Dec 2012

Well hello there good and bad PR friends! Emma here with today's installment. Have a cracking weekend..

Good PR
Move over Benidorm, there’s a new holiday destination in town.

Today’s Good PR goes to the Golden Spike company, which has got some brilliant coverage for an announcement stating that it will be offering commercial space travel to the Moon by 2020. Apparently, the Colorado-based company is expecting to be able to fly private clients to the moon by 2020 at a cost of $1.5 billion per flight. The board of the company includes ex-NASA engineers and spaceflight experts, and has been in development for over two years already.

Great PR for the company, but with that price tag I think I’ll be sticking Benidorm for now.

Bad PR
Oh Starbucks, what a mess you seem to have embroiled yourself in here.

Having been accused of somewhat “using” the corporation tax system to its advantage here in the UK and paying what’s seemingly a minimal amount given its size, Starbucks has generated a whole host of new bad PR to contend with by ‘volunteering’ £10million to HMRC.

That’s right, the coffee giant has offered to hand over £10million in tax for the next two years; which has in turn encouraged a backlash from critics, claiming the voluntary payment makes a ‘mockery’ of the tax system. The bulk of criticism comes from the fact that it’s unknown how the £10 million figure was arrived at, particularly if Starbucks’ claims that it paid the correct amount of corporation tax all along are true. Critics see the move as simply bowing to pressure of the public, as well as a bad example to other large corporations.

Not a great month for Starbucks in the UK at all. At least the red cups are there at the moment though; silver linings and all that.

public relations
That will be £10 million for a latte please Sir.

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Creative Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital. Always colours in between the lines and can correctly interpret any creative brief, no matter how “back of a fag packet” it can be. One of the original Search Engine Optimisation renegade masters. More often than not found with a tub of acrylic paint or a sticker book.

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