Looking Back At 2012: My Best French Story

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

04th Jan 2013

Happy New Year everyone! Frenchie here today to wish you a very Bonne Année! We’ve been pretty busy here at 10 Yetis HQ and looking back at the stories we’ve worked on, I thought I would share with you the one I have enjoyed the most in the last year.

My favourite story was probably survey results we released on behalf of CodesPromotion.fr, the French equivalent of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk.

The story revealed that women are sneakily buying clothes actually too small for them to feel better about themselves. I had some great reactions not only from journalists, but also from readers of the articles after it clinched some great coverage across several French media outlets. When going back to France the same month, one of my friends even mentioned the story to me and explained how she commits size-fraud herself when going shopping as she is still ‘ grieving’ her size 8 figure after putting on weight. She had no idea I worked on releasing the results to the press. That’s #winning.

The story got some great online coverage in Elle, Grazia and LeParisien; and also Cosmo, Femme Actuelle, Free and Yahoo.

Having worked between the French and English media for a couple of years now, I find it really interesting to work across both countries as I get the chance to see how France and England cover news stories and how different the approaches can be. Whether it’s for France or England, we always try to approach journalists with quirky and newsworthy stories as a very basic; and I’ve built up some great press relationships along the way.

It’s clearly an achievement when getting coverage for a client, but it’s even better when you manage to catch the readers’ attention and get them to share comments on your story.

If you fancy a read (in French only, désolé!) you can check out one of the article on Elle.fr

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Creative Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital. Always colours in between the lines and can correctly interpret any creative brief, no matter how “back of a fag packet” it can be. One of the original Search Engine Optimisation renegade masters. More often than not found with a tub of acrylic paint or a sticker book.

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