10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations- Thursday 10th January 2013

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

10th Jan 2013

Hello Yetis! Here are today's good and bad PR examples...

Good PR

Public Relations

There is some great celebrity news today, that’s had the papers leaping for joy. Singer Lily Cooper (or Allen as we’ll always know her) has given birth to her second child – a baby girl named Marnie Rose. The pop star, whose middle name is also Rose, is said to have given birth on Tuesday, which means Marnie shares her birthday with Lily’s musical heroes Bowie and Elvis – awwww we see a future star in the making!

Lily tweeted this morning to thank everyone for their support saying ‘Quite overwhelmed by all the well wishing going on. THANKYOU everybody x x x’

The Sun reported today that the family are ecstatic about providing a little sister for Ethel, who was born in November 2011.

Bad PR

There may be some stressed souls in London’s Metropolitan police stations today, as it was revealed yesterday that Britain’s biggest police force is to axe 800 detectives and close 65 prisons as part of the £500m cuts to the force.

The Met also plans to sell its famous New Scotland Year HQ and instead offer services in Post Offices, large stores and even cafes! The force believes these are places which people could talk to the police about crimes, buy licenses and report lost property.

The cuts have been heavily criticised with fears that crime will ‘go through the roof’. However, Scotland Yard disagrees and feels the cuts will benefit the public because hundreds of former CIDs will be dispatched onto our streets, directly tackling crime.

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Creative Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital. Always colours in between the lines and can correctly interpret any creative brief, no matter how “back of a fag packet” it can be. One of the original Search Engine Optimisation renegade masters. More often than not found with a tub of acrylic paint or a sticker book.

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