10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations - Monday 28th January 2013

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

28th Jan 2013

Hey there peeperooneys! Monday, Monday, Monday. Lloyd’s turn for good and bad PR...

Good PR

Meerkats. These days they’re no longer synonymous with the soothing voice of David Attenborough as we observe them on television in their native habitat of the Kalahari Desert. No, now people are more likely to believe that they come from Russia. That’s because of a certain meerkat with a Russian accent, a smoking jacket and a penchant for saying ‘simples’.

The Comparethemarket.com marketing campaign worked ridiculously well. It spawned a book, added that irritating phrase to the dictionary and turned the price comparison website into a market leader. There’s no doubt that for the company it was a resounding success. But is it time to condemn ‘Aleksandr’ to the meerkat retirement home? The advert has undoubtedly become annoying and aware of this; Aleksandr’s creators are looking at shelving him and using adverts with the comedian Robert Webb instead. But Comparethemarket.com can’t resist having one last stab at meerkat marketing. They’ve sent out a release suggesting that Aleksandr could be headed for the scrapheap and released a ‘statement’ on behalf of the puppet which said ‘As long as peoples are confuse meerkats with markets then I will always be fight the cause with advertisements.” So there’s no guarantee Aleksandr’s career is over yet, as it could create a ‘save the meerkat’ campaign off the back of it. Milked maybe, but very well milked. PR gold if it pays off.

Public Relations

Bad PR

This one is going out to the supposed love rat Zayn Malik of boy-band One Direction, who has allegedly cheated on his girlfriend Perrie Edwards of Little Mix fame.

Zayn looks like he fell for it big time when he apparently slept with an Australian blonde who took a photo of him lying asleep after he’d done the dastardly deed. She’s professed ‘outrage’ after ‘not knowing’ he had a girlfriend. Yeah right, love. She seems like the standard celebrity honey-trap type. Taking photos whilst he’s sleeping and then releasing them to the press is a bit of a give-away. It could backfire on her though as she should probably be running in fear of crazy hordes of One Directioners trying to hunt her down.

I’m not a massive fan of the X Factor but I have watched the odd episode and I remember seeing one just after the audition stage, where Zayn threw a childish strop and stormed off refusing to dance because he ‘couldn’t do it’. Yet he still got picked up and propelled into the limelight to earn insane amounts of fame and wealth. Is there any justice? Let’s hope he gets dumped by Perrie, kicked out of the ‘band’ and disappears into obscurity to be replaced by somebody more grateful. Just in case you’re reading this Simon Cowell, I can carry a tune and my nightclub dancing is renowned for its cheesy appeal. Just a heads up to bear me in mind...

Public Relations

Shannon Peerless

Shannon Peerless, Head of PR

Shannon is the Head of PR at 10 Yetis. She has been instrumental in the growth of the agency and has worked on every major client account that we have ever won. Shannon has devised and executed award winning campaigns for the likes of confused.com, Wish.co.uk and TotalJobs. She is a true industry pioneer and always relishes any challenge.

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