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Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

08th Mar 2013

I'm Hannah the newest intern at 10 Yetis; I started in February and I thought I would share how I found this internship and a few tips, for any students looking for an internship, on how to do so.

Let me start by telling you a bit about me. I am studying Event Management at The University of Hertfordshire. Now you may be thinking why am I working for a PR company if I study Events? Well so far my placement year has been quite rebellious to my course.

I started off my placement year working for Disney in Florida for 6 months, as a Concierge. The opportunity of working for Disney was something I had heard a rumour of for a few years. I truly thought it was just a rumour and that it wouldn't be possible to work for them, as they must recruit their employees from a far away land where people dream on stars and talk to animals. But I was in fact proven wrong , and I jumped at the chance to work there. It was just as magical of an experience as you may think. However, that's all I can tell you on it as I was sworn to secrecy by Mickey Mouse himself, who now is a good pal of mine!

After I had landed back in 'sunny' England and shaken off all my pixie dust, it came to finding a follow up placement. I started off my search specifically in just the events field. For someone who lives in the rural area of Gloucestershire, this proved quite tricky. Most of the internships I discovered were unpaid and in London. Funding the commuting costs to and from London every day on a student loan budget, would have been more than impossible. I thought it was so important to stick with events. I panicked that the other people on my course would have so much more experience than me, as they had been doing an event internship for the whole year.

I then realised I am at the very very start of my career, and it would be much more beneficial to me to explore other fields that interest me. I already have event experience on my CV, so a year out of Uni would be a brilliant time to put that idea on hold and discover other options. At the age of 21 I think it is important to keep your options open, you have no possible idea where your life may take you. Therefore it is important to not corner yourself into one career that may not be the right path in life for you later on.

So with that, I took to looking for other industry placements. The usual intern websites didn't really offer that much in terms of internships that were less than a year. I started exploring twitter, just searching #Internship or just Internship. On one of my '#PR #Internship' searches I saw Emma tweet that 10 Yetis were looking for an intern. I decided to Google the company and to my surprise they were in Gloucester just a 20 minute drive from my house! It looked like an amazing opportunity so I emailed my CV in straight away. PR is a very mysterious field and I was keen to get to know what actually happens in the world of PR.

I followed up the email with a phone call where I spoke to Emma and we arranged an interview date. The interview was very casual and friendly and I was put at ease instantly. One of the worst parts about applying for jobs and going for interviews is the waiting to hear back part. But 10 Yetis emailed me that afternoon to let me know I had got the internship. This was amazing as you usually have to wait a few days to hear if you have or haven't got the job. It meant we could start straight away sorting out when I could start and all the other details.

10 Yetis has been a brilliant company to intern for so far. Most internships start off with you photocopying and making tea and coffee. However, within the first week I was thrown completely into the work. Since starting at the company I have written articles for an online Celebrity Fashion website, assisted with the running of one of the company's websites and social media outlets and helped conduct blog research for clients. It has so far been a brilliant experience, and I have already gained so many more skills.

So after my story I have some top tips for you:

1. Stay positive. Rome wasn't built in a day and neither was the great internship search battle.

2. Individualise. Do not send mass emails out, try and tweak your cover letter to each company you apply to.

3. Keep your options open. Don't have tunnel vision, you may miss an even better opportunity in a completely different career path than you had ever dreamed of!

4. Follow up emails. No you are not a pest if you call the company following on from an email. Tech problems do happen, and it's always good to check that your email was received by the correct person.

5. Keep a log of all the positions you have applied for. It is easy when applying for so many positions to get mixed up with who and what you have applied for. You don't want to be put in the position of receiving a call and having absolutely no recollection of who the company even is.

Finally I wish you good luck with your search!

Jill Tovey

Jill Tovey, Head Creative Yeti

Co-founder, co-owner and Creative Yeti at 10 Yetis Digital. Always colours in between the lines and can correctly interpret any creative brief, no matter how “back of a fag packet” it can be. One of the original Search Engine Optimisation renegade masters. More often than not found with a tub of acrylic paint or a sticker book.

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