10 Yetis Examples of Good and Bad Public Relations-Monday 15th July 2013


15th Jul 2013

Hello All!

Lauren here with today's examples of Good and Bad PR.

Good PR

Love has been quite literally in the air for a group of people, thanks to a brilliant event organised by Expedia which has broken a world record!

A total of 60 passengers have been swapping seats at 35 000 feet to accomplish as many as 21 dates in what has been the highest altitude speed-dating event on record.

Along with alternative dating website, doingsomething.co.uk, Expedia explained that the aim of the event was to prove that travel makes people more interesting and has the ability to ignite the spark of a romance.

Passengers on the flight from Luton Airport to Venice each carried out a series of three and a half minute dates on board the aircraft. Individuals were made to refrain from talking about travel whilst on each mini date as research has previously revealed this is one of the biggest topics of conversation on a first date. Once in Venice, each participant got the chance to spend the day exploring the city and taking part in three dates with candidates selected for their mutual interests.

80% of the participants of the participants said they felt more relaxed with their different dates whilst travelling on the flight, and the really great news is that more than three quarters of those looking for love are making plans to meet up with a date again.

As well as potential love, it looks like solid friendships have also blossomed from the PR stunt, as the passengers have all set up a Facebook group in order to keep in touch with each other.

Bad PR

A bit of a bad PR day for Kate Mills, fiction editor at Orion Publishing, who has admitted today that she turned down JK Rowling’s pseudonymous thriller The Cuckoo’s Calling after finding it 'perfectly decent but quiet'.

She admitted that whilst she liked the story and characters, she could not find a unique selling point for the crime novel. Originally submitted to her by Robert Galbraith, whom she believed to be a first time author, Mills found it not strong enough in a tough market such as crime novels. She tweeted yesterday morning;


“So, I can now say that I turned down JK Rowling. I did read and say no to Cuckoo’s Calling. Anyone else going to confess?”

Since the true identity of the book has been revealed as the multi-millionaire Harry Potter creator, sales of Cuckoo’s Calling have soared. The book is currently at the top of Amazons bestseller chart after soaring up from number 4,709.

You have to commend Miss Mills for honestly admitting her faux pas, however embarrassing it might have been.

The second Strike book, which is thought to be finished, comes out next year. Miss Rowling told the Sunday Times:

“Robert fully intends to keep writing the series, although he will probably continue to turn down personal appearances.”


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