23rd Dec 2022 by Karen Lee

30 digital public relations and social media tips from founder Andy Barr

30 digital public relations and social media tips from founder Andy Barr

After 17 years of the agency being in existence, and nearly 30 years of Andy working in marketing and digital public relations, we thought he may be able to pass on a solid communications tip or two.

We are going to be releasing the 30 tips every working day from today, right through to the last week running up to Christmas. Filmed in his usual style of “informed idiot” (trademarked) you can guarantee they will be fun, but also actually helpful.

As part of the mantra of “work smarter not harder”, he will be giving you real-life tips that will help any business, from SME through to large organisations, get media coverage and exposure. Before setting up 10 Yetis Digital, Andy worked for some of the world’s largest organisations such as a former state-owned power company, AXA when it was the 5th largest company in the world, Unilever and First Group.

Since setting up 10 Yetis Digital, the agency has worked on a wide range of communications campaigns and digital public relations projects for brands like Superdry, Confused.com, GoCompare, WaterAid and many more. In addition to this, we have worked on crisis communications campaigns for some of the largest organisations in the world.

The #Yeti30in30 series is aimed at anyone working at any level of communications and will also be handy for public relations students and seasoned veterans equally.

Tip One: set clear goals

Tip Two: Quirky press release delivery FTW

Tip Three: Everybody loves a survey

Tip Four: The importance of going early

Tip Five: Use a case study to support a release

Tip Six: Make your quotes memorable

Tip Seven: How to get the most from #JournoRequest

Tip Eight: How to use a simple secret Instagram hack to get more

Tip Nine: How to understand if you need to embargo your press release

Tip Ten: Story flopped?

Tip Eleven: Google Analytics, a PR's friend

Tip Twelve: Contact deets, duh!

NSFW Tip Thirteen: Hang a story off an on-trend brand

Tip Fourteen: Get your Prime mates together

Tip Fifteen: Wrestle with the Sumo

Tip Sixteen: Google Glimpse into the future

Tip Seventeen: Do you even need a Press Release?

Tip Eighteen: How, when and where to use an exclusive

Tip Nineteen: Reacting to Trends

Tip Twenty: Using medical experts to get media coverage

Tip Twenty One: Third party endorsement

Tip Twenty Two: Z-Lister can help

Tip Twenty Three: The media loves a fun moaner!

Tip Twenty Four: Media coverage from dressing up

Tip Twenty Five: Use video statements

Tip Twenty Six: Choose the right wire

Tip Twenty Seven: Start tracking niche data

Tip Twenty Eight: Using AI to get press coverage

Tip Twenty Nine: Managing crisis comms

Tip Thirty: How to make #newsjacking easier

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