12th Apr 2018 by Helen Stirling

5 easy ways to ramp up your social media growth and engagement organically - 10 Yetis Insight

In this new age of Social Media, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to market your pages and brand organically. Facebook has gone back to its roots, favouring friend and family content over branded content, making it a big mission to appear in newsfeeds without paying for that placement. Facebook-owned Instagram has also had an algorithm reshuffle, which has got brands wondering where their reach has gone. So, what to do if you just don’t have the budget? Luckily, I’m here to share our top 5 tips to grow your brand’s engagement organically. Let’s go.

Find And Know Your Audience And Go Where They Go

Finding your audience is key when you are a small brand. Finding your niche audience will hopefully allow you to create an engaged group who will help you further spread your message, for free! Discover the different demographics of your audience, such as age, gender and location, and make sure to think about where your audience will be; different segments of your audience may be on different social channels, for example. Make sure to tailor your content for each demographic and segment, you don’t want to be targeting your 60+ aged audience with an after-school club, or maybe you do, but make sure your messaging is aimed at the right audience.

Community Management

Once you’ve found your audience talk to them! Not just with targeted messaging, but directly too. Respond to all comments and questions, as well as reaching out to possible prospective consumers. Engage with their content; let them know you love what they are sharing. Not only does this create a connection but may encourage them to share content that includes your brand in it, whether this be photographic or a simple a tag or shout out. Don’t hesitate to share community content either; if it is of a high enough quality then sharing the love for your fans will help to create a more loyal audience. If they see you sharing fan content they are more likely to share their own in the hopes of getting a shout out too.

Repurpose Popular Content

When you’ve begun sharing your content, make sure to check your insights to find your best performing content. Once you have found what is working best for you, repurpose it! Don’t be afraid of repurposing content. If it has performed well for you, edit it for another channel, but make sure you tailor it to what the audience responds to on that channel, (e.g. changing an infographic into an animation video) and then repost. Don’t miss out on great bits of insight; if something is working for you don’t ignore it and move on, let this inform you what content to create in the future. Just don’t be posting the same thing every day or week though, or you’ll create fatigue among your audience. You can keep repurposing if it works well, for example, share snippets of your infographic as quotes or stat images; there are many options.


Now you’ve heard of online influencers and how influencer marketing is taking off, there are usually huge sums involved when trying to get involved, but there are things you can do on a smaller level. Identify some micro-influencers (sub 10,000 followers) who align nicely with your brand and approach them about free product. Don’t be forced in to paying for a post. If you believe the value will be worth any fees they propose then go ahead, but the idea here is that you are gifting your product or service to those you feel are relevant to your audience and who may influence their own audience to get involved. You often find that micro-influencers have more of an impact and greater engagement rate than major influencers.

Be Funny And Or Controversial

Our last idea will not work for every brand, but probably would work for nearly every brand. Don’t be afraid to have a bit of fun or to be a little controversial. If you think back to some of your personal favourite social media campaigns, chances are the most memorable ones are either funny or controversial. It can be especially beneficial to add a funny edge if your business can be described as dry. Having a sense of humour will get you noticed, but just be careful that you don’t push it to far as it can land you in hot water, if you’re doubting yourself, get a second opinion or don’t post it.

The point is, there are many techniques to growing an audience organically. But what is key for each practice is to make sure your audiences are being targeted and catered to correctly. Find your niche, find where they go, and you’ll be in the right arena to grow your page.

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