12th Jul 2017 by Andrew Barr

5 things brands can learn from the Southern Rail #AskEddie Work Experience Q&A

Andy here, I like many others, watched on in horror as work started to spread yesterday that Southern Rail had decided to let a work experience kid called Eddie carry out a live Twitter Q&A on their account. I thought it would be a car crash. The internet thought it would a car crash and I am sure that some inside Southern Rail feared it would be a car crash too.

It wasn't, Eddie was the perfect professional.

My video about this, below, takes brands through 5 things that they can learn from #AskEddie. It really was a great session, a great idea and handled perfectly by the social team. The resulting blanket media coverage in the UK (Evening Standard, Metro, Telegraph, Independent and BBC so far) shows also how the brand got a wider positive from doing this as well. Genius!

Southern Rail, we salute you. Eddie, you are a legend (if it ever comes out that Eddie was a fake, there is gonna be hell to pay!).

ps, the video features me on a swivel chair and also a slight attack upon HR people!

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