01st Sep 2017 by Helen Stirling

Action Bronson has his own dating show and Taylor Swift is breaking records, what is the world coming to?! - Weekly Dose of Social Media

Action Bronson’s dating show ‘Hungry Hearts’ debuts on Snapchat

Hungry Hearts with Action Bronson made its debut on Snapchat earlier this week. The show is presented in partnership with Match.com and Vice and the show is Bronsons’ third series for Viceland.

The show has Bronson playing the matchmaker, setting up strangers where food is a very big part of the dates. In the first episode, he takes a couple to a graveyard and a sausage truck. Now a dating show where food is the most important part is a show after my own heart, and in my opinion, will definitely have a place in the hearts of many Snapchat users. Releasing a show on Snapchat is a great way to target a younger audience, and Viceland have got the right idea here.

Instagram offers Landscape and Portrait for multiple images and video posts

Not long-ago Instagram introduced multiple image and video album posts, but limited users to posting the images as square, but now they are available in both landscape and portrait.

Users will still have to choose between the layout options of landscape, portrait, or square, before they post and stick to that ratio for all their images or videos within their albums. Though it may initially be annoying that you cannot differ sizing within an album, it creates consistency, keeping every image in a post the same shape or style. In addition to this change, Instagram has made some other improvements. Users can now edit tagged people in a post even after they have posted their image. The other is that you can now save multiple image and video posts as drafts, and the latter is now available on IOS. (Make sure to update to version 12 for iOS or Android to get the formatting upgrade).

This just makes life a little easier for the grammers of the world, who are posting multiple videos and photos of them all around the world, especially when they’re too busy living lives of luxury to spend all day editing, re-editing and tagging their photos. It’s a tough life, I know!

Look what you made me do, breaking records is what we made her do

It looks like everyone is watching, listening and talking about Taylor Swift’s latest single. “Look What You Made Me Do” just broke both YouTube and Spotify’s first-day records.

Taylor’s latest song may not be her best and you may not like it or even respect it artistically. But either way, any publicity is good publicity I guess. YouTube has announced that the video for the song broke the 24-hour debut record, getting 43.2 million views on the day it was uploaded. That’s almost 30,000 views every minute!

This smashed the previous record holder, “Gentleman” by Psy, the record holder since 2013. The video amassed 36 million views within 24 hours from its launch, not too bad I suppose.

And while we’re at it “Look What You Made Me Do” also broke the record for the most popular lyric video in one day. The lyric video was viewed 19 million times in its first day. On Spotify, it became the most played song on its opening day on the platform, with just under 8 million plays on the 25th of August alone. All in a day’s work for Taylor Swift.

Polygram is a new platform that makes emojis based on your facial expressions!

Say hello to Polygram, a new platform that will allow users to leave reactions on a post, simply by making a facial expression.

Last year, Facebook bought FacioMetrics, a start-up company looking for a way for platforms to read facial expressions to recognise what reaction a user wants to convey. Facebook hasn’t released any information or related features as of yet so it’s not clear whether the project is succeeding, but the social platform Polygram seems to be. Something pretty cool about Polygram is that it promises to give you analytics of what viewers felt when they see your post.

Polygram makes a model of your face, and detects emotions, and may be an important tool for influencers who want to see how people react to their posts. Along with this, its posting ability includes photos and videos. Whether the app is around this time next year or not, it looks pretty clear that its features are going to get copied by all the big players.

WhatsApp tests new verified business accounts

WhatsApp has started experimenting with verified business accounts. WhatsApp hasn’t done much to help businesses take advantage of its platform up until now, but times are changing. It is exploring better ways to connect users and businesses. In an FAQ on its site, the company said that some business accounts have now been verified as part of a pilot program.

If a business account has been verified, it means that WhatsApp has confirmed that the phone number registered to the account belongs to the specific business. You can tell whether you’re chatting to a person or a business, from the yellow messages within the chat, and if the business is verified it will have a green badge next to its name.

It sounds like Facebook is hoping to have WhatsApp following in Messengers footsteps.

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