05th Dec 2022 by Karen Lee

GOLD Content Marketing Awards Winners

GOLD Content Marketing Awards Winners 10 Yetis

It is official… 10 Yetis Digital is a double winner.

Ok, so we might think that we are awesome, but it is always better when someone else says it too and even more so when it is our industry peers. Imagine the scenes at Yeti HQ when the International Content Marketing Awards host read out our name for winning one award and coming runner up in another.

The beautiful Rob John, Managing Director of the Content Marketing Association, announced that we had beaten off stiff competition from the likes of the BBC and the WWF (pandas not wrestlers) to win the Best B2B use of Social Media category for our own agency campaign. We were still in peak celebration mode when he announced that we had also won a Silver award for Best use of Content within Media Relations for our supermarket index campaign for Alertr.co.uk.

The judges’ comments for our B2B Social Media award win were great to read, including this swoon-worthy quote; “The judges enjoyed this entry, and showed a good display of how you’d expect an agency to execute their own services. It was great to seem them walking the walk and using their talent to get leads, which resulted in a strong return for this content!”

Speaking about the win, the 10 Yetis Digital Co-Founder, Andy Barr, said, “It is amazing how much I love awards when we actually win. Not to sound too Gwyneth but, whilst I would love to take the credit for these awards, it is all down to the team and their hard work. The social media and public relations content that the team constantly creates is amazing, award-winning and, most importantly, gets the phones ringing, which is something that not many social media campaign managers can say happens.”

Rob John, Managing Director of the Content Marketing Association said, "The calibre of entries in the International Content Marketing Awards gets better each year so to win both gold and silver in two hotly contested categories is testament to the quality of work the 10 Yetis team produce.

"This year we received entries from over 30 countries from some of the best agencies and well-known brands in the world which show that the awards are truly a global event.

"A massive congratulations to Andy and the 10 Yetis team on this excellent achievement and we look forward to seeing their award-winning work next year too”.

The Best B2B use of Social Media Gold Award was for 10 Yetis Digital’s own social media-based lead-gen campaign. The campaign entry was called “There is a method behind the madness” and reflected just how much work goes on behind the scenes to deliver the constant, some may say chaotic-looking, content that the agency puts out across its owned platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, YouTube, Facebook and even the hugely boring LinkedIn.

The Silver Award for Best use of Content Within Media Relations was for 10 Yetis Digital’s work on free price tracking app Alertr.co.uk. The agency devised and released a supermarket price tracking index that looked at the rise and fall of prices against the UK Government’s Consumer Price Index Basket of Goods.

The index has been a huge success both in terms of gaining earned media coverage for the brand and as a vehicle for driving new consumer sign-ups that reached a high of 50,000 customers in late 2022.

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