04th Jan 2018 by Jess Bashford

Days Of The Year Calendar 2018

10 Yetis Days Of The Year Calendar Update

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This past year was a hot year for the social media marketing world, especially for content creators.

Video, in particular, quickly swept over all social platforms and became a main focus for many marketers. And as content production is on the rise, consumer attention spans are on a fast decline. This leaves the rest of us in a constant battle to produce relevant, high-quality, captivating content in quick snippets. That's how short-form (10-30 second) videos have taken over social media in 2017.

That was only one of many trends we saw sprout up in 2017, but what should we be expecting from the main social media platforms in 2018?


  • AR is already on the rise and this is expected to continue and become even more prominent on the platform.
  • VR has always been in the background of social media, and has been long talked about especially in the film industry; however, 2018 could see the rise of VR on Social media, and let’s be honest, it’s most likely going to start on Facebook.
  • E-Commerce brands adopting Messenger. It already began in the latter half of 2017 but Facebook now allows ads to run specifically through the Messenger app and will attempt to lure users to get in contact with a brand. This is something that will become increasingly popular and prevalent throughout 2018.
  • Finally, the obvious; 2017 has seen Facebook dominate the headlines with its constant platform development and countless changes to its marketing tools. The same will no doubt continue in 2018. So don’t expect Facebook to take a break from appearing in the news anytime soon.


  • Targeting has always been a social media feature, predominately used on Facebook but Twitter will be one up on Facebook in 2018 by reportedly investing in image recognition advertising, allowing the platform to target users based on the content within images they post.
  • An increased focus on video. Twitter made some brief changes to its video features at the end of 2017, including adding a video view count. However, in 2018 even more focus will be placed on improving how video is viewed and how statistics are counted.


  • More shopping tags for everyone. Shopping Tags (if you’ve not heard about them before) enable brands on Instagram to tag specific products in their images. Users will see a "Tap to view products" notification in the bottom left of the image, which, once tapped, reveals a set of tags that appear overlaid on the post, denoting available products and their prices. Users are then able to tap on the tags to find out more, taking them to a specific product page for each item. And if you want to make a purchase, you can tap through to be linked to the relevant product page on the web. This is undoubtedly something Instagram will review and improve in 2018.
  • Image recognition and visual search options. Again, like Twitter, enabling users to search for content based on images, rather than hashtags and tags is something Instagram will be considering and potentially introducing this coming year.
  • 360 Instagram posts. A feature that Facebook introduced a couple of years ago is finally being adapted (maybe) for Instagram. Yes that’s right in 2018 it is likely that the social platform will be experimenting with ways to use 360 photos.

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Digital Marketing predictions for 2018

  • Twitter may fall while LinkedIn rises. Yes this is a real prediction.
  • AI and behavioural marketing will make strides together.
  • Influencer marketing, while already fairly huge will be relied on even more!
  • Privacy protection will be a major priority around the world.

Out with the old and in with the new, welcome to the 2018 Days of the year calendar!

And finally...

As we’re sure everyone by now is aware, working in social media requires you to become extremely aware of what is happening, when it’s happening and how you can make it happen for your clients in the digital and social world. Whether it’s a celebratory GIF of the fact that it’s Chocolate covered anything day, it’s live-streaming of a fidget spinner or a quick congratulations to the latest celebrity engagement or birth you need to be on the ball so that you can get your reaction out there first.

Reactive social posts are usually (not always) the most popular and highest reaching posts on the social platforms due to their ability to tap into subjects and topics that are happening right here and now! Anyone following that topic is bound to see your post and that is why whenever there is a special day, event, national or global holiday going on it is a social media executive and content creators prerogative to know exactly when and what is happening.

That is why we are here to help you yet again. Yeah, that’s right. We’ve got you covered; we’ve put together another fully comprehensive calendar with the days of the year, including: bizarre holidays, government holidays, festivals, awards shows, sporting events and more. It’s all you’ll need to be able to come up with relevant posts throughout the year. All you have to do is sign up to our newsletter below for this piece of marketing gold dust. To top it off. It’s absolutely free. Score.

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