02nd Mar 2018 by Jess Bashford

Facebook Admit Defeat, Logan Paul Is Back At It And Instagram Could Be Updating Again Very Soon.

Facebook Admit Defeat

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Finally! Facebook has thrown in the towel and succumbed to what everyone has been thinking since they announced the segregated feeds, that it was a terrible idea!

Facebook has ditched the controversial feature that split users' news feeds in two - one with ads and original posts from friends and another for content from publishers, which users had to access via the 'Explore Feed' for organic posts from publishers, brands, etc.

In a statement back in October, Facebook said: “People have told us they want an easier way to see posts from friends and family, so we are testing two separate feeds, one as a dedicated space with posts from friends and family and another as a dedicated space for posts from Pages.”

However, the change did not go down well with engagement rates on Facebook pages plummeting, and the fact it was implemented without consultation from stakeholders left people shaking their fists in fury.

Adam Mosseri, head of News Feed at Facebook, has since admitted: "In surveys, people told us they were less satisfied with the posts they were seeing, and having two separate feeds didn’t actually help them connect more with friends and family."

While Facebook is still tinkering with what you see in your News Feed, its new aim is to combat fake news rather than make you feel closer to your friends and close family.

In January, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook would soon start showing more news stories from local news publishers and friends in an attempt to drown out public posts engineered to stir up unrest.

Unfortunately though, it hasn't turned out as smoothly as Facebook might have hoped, with some small publishers even blaming the algorithm change for the death of their businesses.

Lifestyle site Little Things for example claimed it had to close after losing 75% of its organic page views – similar to the drop that was reported by Slovakian journalist Filip Struhárik after Explore Feed was implemented in the country.

Mark Zuckerberg made it his new year's resolution to clean up the site after the discovery of 470 fake pages and accounts with connections to Russia that bought ads during the 2016 US elections.

Facebook has since been very public about the changes it's making to turn around its image, and while the news feed changes may have failed to do this; we expect there will be more changes announced soon. We’re just happy Facebook know when to admit they were wrong!

YouTube Is More Forgiving Than The Rest Of The World

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A couple of weeks ago, YouTube did the right thing and temporarily suspended ads on Logan Paul’s channel, claiming he exhibited a “pattern of behaviour” that could be detrimental to advertisers and other creators.

You think?! Filming a suicide is something a little more than detrimental if you ask us but nevermind...

As of yesterday, YouTube had restored ads to Paul’s channel, despite huge amounts of criticism directed toward Paul; YouTube instead has put him on a 90 day probation period.

During this time, Paul will be able to monetize his videos, but they won’t show up in YouTube’s Trending section and non-subscribers won’t receive notifications when he uploads new videos.

Paul’s YouTube channel has been under scrutiny since he filmed a suicide victim in Japan’s Aokigahara forest at the end of 2017. YouTube responded about a week later by removing Paul from its Google Preferred ad program and shelving his YouTube Red projects. Paul is still not eligible for the more lucrative Google Preferred ad program.

Paul claims he’s learned from his experiences over the last few months, but his return to YouTube and the first few videos that he’s posted have simply felt like a return to his old ways.


Today, image files for icons representing unreleased ‘call’ and ‘video call’ features for the Instagram app have been uncovered.

The icon files were discovered in the APK file of the most recent Instagram Android app which suggests Instagram is getting ready to launch voice and video calling features inside its direct messaging system in the app which currently is text-based.

If the video and voice calling features come to fruition (which seems likely) it would just be another feature Instagram are copying from Snapchat in order to achieve parity with the app, which has had video calling since 2014.

We’re excited to see when and how this is released to public knowledge!

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