12th Oct 2018 by Sam Benzie

Facebook’s limited-edition SUV sale, Snapchat introduces shows featuring interactive experiences, Facebook creates a tool for marketing partners, Instagram launches scan-able nametags

Facebook’s limited-edition SUV sale

Now we all know that advertising on Facebook has been getting increasingly popular, due to its brilliant results from the relatively low cost of ads. However, limiting stock availability to Facebook seems a bit crazy if you ask me but it would seem Renault doesn’t think it is.

The Tokyo limited edition of the Renault Captur will only be available to its customers for pre-order via a Facebook messenger bot.In honour of the Japanese capital, Renault is releasing one hundred of these limited edition cars, but they must be pre-ordered via the chatbot.

The campaign was launched in an anime that tells the story of two men as they journey through a fictional, nocturnal Tokyo. They then meet a mysterious character who tells them about “a car outside the box.”

Now the chatbot is not just a lifeless and emotionless respondent to punters messages. It is the mysterious man from the advert that the potential customers must interact with, creating an almost video game feel to the whole campaign. This campaign is the first of its kind that we have seen and we are excited to see how the world responds!

Snapchat introduces shows featuring interactive experiences

Now the introduction of shows on Snapchat isn’t ground breaking with Discover already featuring this. But with the introduction of Snap Originals newest feature “Show Portals” users will be able to experience scenes through VR.

These Snap Originals are exclusive shows for Snapchat that have a variety of different topics, styles and formats. The first shows open with Co-Ed, “a new comedy from the Duplass Brothers; Class of Lies, a mystery thriller from one of the minds behind Riverdale; and Endless Summer, a docuseries following rising stars in Laguna Beach — from Bunim/Murray, the creators of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.”. With such a huge variety of shows, it looks as if Snapchat are attempting to take on Netflix by moving towards the streaming market.

The interactive Show Portals feature will not only allow users to step into these scenes but they will also allow users to share these experiences with their friends by using lenses and filters while in the scenes. Snap Originals are available to watch right now. All you have to do is go to the Discover page or search for a show on Snapchat.

Facebook creates a tool for marketing partners

Facebook recently unveiled a new feature at its annual Global Partner Summit in New York; a tool that measures the effectiveness potential of an ad before it goes live.

The analytics to ads have been key for learning, improving and finding the right audience for your ads. While Facebook’s relevance score has been the first step in predicting the outcomes of ads, there is still much to be desired. The new Facebook Creative Compass tool is what will provide that desired information. It will work to help Facebook Marketing Partners better understand how likely it is that people will take actions on their ads.

The new feature provides metrics in order to evaluate how noticeable an ad will be once it has been published, how likely it is that an audience will understand the message and how positively the message will be perceived by users. Most importantly the Creative Compass will tell ad managers how high their ad’s potential is to trigger actions is.

The tool will only be available to Facebook Marketing Partners at this time but that doesn’t mean that smaller accounts are being forgotten. During the summit, Facebook also announced that they were introducing a new partner program that would work to help smaller agencies and individuals; this would be called Facebook Marketing Consultants. The first round is open in North America, the UK, France and Germany.

Instagram launches scan-able nametags

Instagram has introduced the Snapchat inspired feature that allows users to scan their friends name tags to easily connect with them.With students going back to university or just starting, the feature came out at a perfect time allowing users to connect with new people at ease.

In order to scan a nametag, users can simply swipe right into the camera, or enter the camera by tapping “Scan a nametag.” Then they must hover over the nametag and hold down on the screen to scan. All of the nametags are unique and customisable as Instagram announced that users can test different designs and add different colours, stickers and emojis. These nametags can also be shared via other platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp and even through text messages by pressing the top right arrow while on the nametag.

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