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How much do Love Island Influencers earn? 10 Yetis Love Island Index

How much do Love Island Influencers Earn 10 Yetis Love Island

Love Island 2023

Love Island is back and this time it’s taking place during winter, over in South Africa. Want to know how much the contestants could earn from their appearance on the show? Look no further.

For the last five years we’ve been tracking the potential earnings of the contestants, which we use as a benchmark for the influencer campaigns that we manage for clients along with the influencers and individuals that we represent. Given our experience in the influencer marketing industry, we look at the potential fees that they may command based on campaigns, rather than just individual posts.

We can give a fee per post if required by the media, but this is not typically how client and influencer partnerships are managed and billed. A normal campaign would consist of multiple posts from an influencer for a brand and would probably last over a few months.

This is because an individual post, story or video would not give much impact for a brand in terms of likes, follows and engagement or – something we prefer to talk about with our social media campaigns – sales. Brands now like to work on long-term relationships with influencers of at least two months.

If you want a comment or narrative about Love Island contestants' potential earnings following the 2023 Winter Love Island show that is taking place in South Africa then our CEO and Co-Founder, Andy Barr, is able to help. He’s done several TV, radio, print and online news media interviews around historic Love Island contestants and their earnings.

It’s that time of year again! On weekdays and Sunday nights at 9pm for the next eight weeks, the nation will be sitting down to watch the UK’s number one dating show – Love Island. Returning for its eighth season, a bunch of single men and women are entering the Love Island villa, ready to be watched and judged; providing entertainment for the nation.

We’re well aware that Love Island can bring a goldmine of success to its contestants, allowing them to succeed as influencers after their stint on the popular TV show. Past contestants, such as Molly-Mae, Dani Dyer, Tommy Fury, Olivia Bowen and Millie Court, are all thought to be earning a hefty paycheck through each sponsored Instagram post that they share, due to their sheer amount of followers – not taking into account any other brand deals and partnerships they’ve picked up along the way.

Will any of this year’s contestants be as successful? Here at 10 Yetis, we are tracking the success of this year’s Love Island contestants each week. Through our Love Island Influencer Growth Index we will be revealing the contestants with the highest earning potential, alongside the contestants who have gained the most followers since they were announced.

There’s already a huge difference in what some of the contestants could already be earning on social media – as you can see below:

love island follower stats and earnings 2022

All data regarding follower counts was collected prior to the first episode of Love Island 2022 airing, and on the day that the contestants were first announced. With the follower counts changing constantly, it will allow us to track the growth in popularity for each contestant on the show throughout season eight.

Love Island 2021

Those who have spent the last few years religiously watching Love Island will know that it can be a gold mine for potential earnings for those that star on the show. Whether they’re the winners, the public’s favourite, the public’s least favourite or a shock bombshell, the potential earnings are endless.

Not only have past contestants come away and signed on the dotted line for some huge brand collaborations with the likes of Pretty Little Thing, I Saw It First and Missguided, their social media accounts have shot them into stardom, where they’re earning thousands of pounds for their posts. Some of the biggest names to have come out of the villa and dive head-first into the influencer life are Molly-Mae Hague (5.6m Instagram followers), Tommy Fury (3.4m Instagram followers), Olivia & Alex Bowen (4.6m combined Instagram followers) and Olivia Attwood (1.9m Instagram followers), and this year won’t be any different in terms of churning out the next generation of Love Island influencers.

To keep track and make some sneaky little predictions about who is going to be getting the biggest pay cheques post-Love Island, we’ve decided to create the Love Island Influencer Growth Index where we’ll keep track of their Instagram profiles to uncover the islanders’ growing popularity and potential earnings.

As Love Island continues to air, data collected shows the Islanders' potential earnings via Instagram, as well as the changes in Instagram followers, to be as follows:

love island follower stats and earnings 2021

All data regarding the follower counts has been collected prior to the show airing and then updated each Monday morning while the series is airing. With the follower counts changing constantly, it will allow us to track the growth in popularity for each contestant on the show throughout season seven.

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