13th Apr 2018 by Kalli Soteriou

How to stand out as a Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer

Hey everyone, Sam here!

So, some of you may remember that I wrote an insight blog on, “The Top 5 Tips on Becoming a Lifestyle and Fitness Influencer” and I’m back again to offer some more tips and updates, from what I’ve learnt about this ever changing industry since I started my own personal fitness account. So that you too can start to live the dream of being a lifestyle and fitness influencer.

Don’t be like everyone else

So my first point was, knowing your audience and knowing your niche. It’s part of the process to work out what it is you want to share, how you want to be portrayed and how you act on your social media. But you need that one thing that makes you stand out; that’s what takes you from just another fitness page to something more memorable. In an industry that is saturated with online PT’s and lifestyle fitness bloggers who are travelling around the world taking professional quality images, you need to think “how can I compete with this with half the resources?” And this is where creativity and planning comes into it. Don’t just follow the trend of what seems to work, if you have an amazing talent, live in a crazy place, have an interesting outlook on life, have a great sense of humour, or have a new way of training express this; show people why you are different and why people should follow you instead of all the other accounts attempting to make it big.

Incorporate videos as well as photos

With the competition to make it on to the Explore feed rife and the fight for likes becoming harder every day, it’s time you have to prove yourself. That’s where videos can really help benefit your page. If you claim to be strong or that you can do a back flip, your followers are going to want to see that and what better way to prove yourself and get your personality and energy across than a short video. This can really push your channel up in viewers’ opinions of your page and you as a person; it’s easy to create a persona through photos but not so easy to fake it in a video. Now don’t panic; your video might not get as many likes as your photos, but it will more likely get a higher number of views leading to more page visits on your account. It’s about establishing your page as something interactive and it puts more of a personal touch on your page by allowing followers to see you in a more real setting. I can almost guarantee that as long as you’re not a raging psychopath that you will see more engagement after this.

Working with brands

Now when it comes to working with brands, this is something you have to put a lot of thought into.

Are they the right company for you, will the collaboration will benefit you as well as them? So should you align your personal brand with their brand? If the brands ethos is something you really agree with and their other athletes are people you look up to, then go for it! But if the brand is something that doesn’t fit your fitness journey then don’t change your path for a chance to work with a brand. Aka don’t work with a power lifting brand if you post about yoga and calisthenics, it just doesn’t work does it.

Before, I said to work with brands to get your name out there, but working with a lot of brands can make you look like a bit of a sell out! Now, I’m not saying don’t work with any brands until you get the call up from the infamous Gymshark recruitment team. But, rather check out brands histories and ethos before blindly working with them for some free stuff. Along with this, try to show loyalty towards brands, aka don’t work with a different clothes brand each week, because your fans will start to see that you’re just in it for brand deals, free stuff, and money. This is not what it should be about. Your followers didn’t start following you to see ads; they followed you to see your fitness journey and to see creative and new content.

Consistency is key?

Consistency is the key to the success of pretty much anything, but if you start to run out of content ideas and end up posting the same content most days, or find yourself swamped with work outside of your online life and end up not having time to dedicate energy to your page, then taking a step back might not be such a bad thing. Remember, quality over quantity. You may lose a few followers from your time away, but losing a few followers due to a lack of activity is much better than losing them because they are getting bored of your content. Plus, you then have the chance to build up talk about your come back to the platform by posting stories and offering clips that show you’re still around and that a comeback, with new content and a better physique or outlook, is imminent.

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