14th Dec 2018 by Sam Benzie

Instagram adds a new sticker to Stories, Instagram is testing a new “Creator Account”, Facebook might have taken it one step too far! And Facebook has added a new Inspiration section to its business portal

Instagram adds a new sticker to Stories

Instagram has released its latest sticker for stories, and we think it might be the best one yet! Countdown is Instagrams’ latest sticker and it allows users to create a countdown for anything they want. For example, it’s 10 days, 12 hours and 40 minutes to Christmas, at the time I’m writing this. You can make a countdown for anything, whether it is a new post, a new product launch or even a holiday or birthday, this is the perfect sticker for all occasions.

It’s pretty simple, the sticker will countdown how much time is left between the date of you creating the story and the date that you choose, doesn’t sound that interesting, but think about all of the events that you set up as a brand or even as an individual, and now you can communicate this to your followers.

The countdown sticker is available in the sticker tray on Instagram, then all you need to do is select the date and time you want to count down to and name the countdown timer and you’re ready to go. Those followers who view your story will be invited to tap on the countdown to receive reminders about the countdown, they will also be able to share the countdown on their own stories as well, and you will get a notification every time someone shares it. Now this looks to be the perfect new tool for building up anticipation over new events and revealing new collections while also staying in touch with your audience.

Instagram is testing a new “Creator Account”

Instagram is developing a new “creator account” for the few small high profile individuals to better help them develop their content on the platform. These creator profiles are aimed specifically at influencers and will offer a specific set of tools allowing the top creators to better use the platform for their own needs. This new profile will offer what Instagram has been offering businesses since 2016 and now influencers have the same opportunities.

The new tools that the accounts will include are: insights on growth and data, and on follow and unfollow metrics allowing creators to see how their follower count has changed over time. Direct messaging tools which will let users filter messages from brand partners and friends and will offer flexible labels that allow users to designate how they would like to be contacted. This new account type is currently being tested with a select control group and will be spread out widely next year.

This looks to be a way for individuals to really understand how their fans work and what they like to see, helping them improve and develop their content and bring more fans to the site.

Facebook might have taken it one step too far!

Facebook looks to be working on getting a new tool approved that would use historical data to predict where users will move next. Location-based marketing has proven itself as a great tool for marketers in gaining the most useful and beneficial engagements, yet with constant moving and fast paced location changes, it offers only a small window of opportunity.

Now Facebook wants to try and predict where you will be next, using location-based targeting to make the information it provides more powerful than it is now. Facebook has filled out a series of patent applications with the US Patent and Trademark Office for technology that uses historical location data to predict where you will be going next.

This is just another example of Facebook making life easier for its users, you won’t even need to think about what you want to do and where you want to go as Facebook will just be able to tell you.

Facebook has added a new Inspiration section to its business portal

In Facebook’s latest efforts to make their business portal a source of inspiration for the creative community, it has added a new section of examples of top creative ads and the best-performing creative’s across the platform.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration in the creative industry especially with ad campaigns then the business portal is the place to be. The materials within the inspiration section will allow them to “spark ideas” and help creators build their own campaigns. The new section offers users the ability to search for and find campaigns specific to what they want to see, but also features a leader board of the months top performing video ads by vertical.

This is a great way of Facebook showing its dedication to helping creators develop and educate themselves on the platform, allowing them to create better and more inspired campaigns themselves.

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