28th Sep 2018 by Sam Benzie

Instagram has a new feature for messages, Facebook Pages are now able to join Facebook Groups, Snapchat teams up with Amazon, and Google Data Studio is now available for one and all

Instagram has a new feature for messages

Instagram announced a new feature that will allow its users to send GIFs in Instagram Direct message threads. Now, this is not a huge change to the platform, but it is a small development that will increase user enjoyment and improve their experience while messaging their friends.

The feature was officially launched on the 20th of this month and we haven’t looked back since! As we always like to be helpful, here is the step-by-step guide on how to send GIFs in Direct Messenger:

1.Tap in the top right of Feed

2.Tap a username or group name to open the conversation. You can also start a new conversation by tapping in the top right

3.Next to where it says Write a message… tap

4.Search for a GIF or swipe left to see more GIFs. You can also tap Random to send a random GIF related to your search

5.Tap a GIF to send it instantly

This is available for both IOS and Android users, but only on the latest version of Instagram so remember to update your app before sliding into those DMs.

Facebook Pages are now able to join Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages can now join Facebook Groups as members, something that was impossible until now. But now Facebook has listened to the outcries from public figures, publishers and charities, allowing them to also join groups and post comments without having to use their personal profiles.

Facebook confirmed the decision to make this change in a statement saying:

“We’ve heard from people that engaging with public figures, non-profits, publishers and businesses in a more intimate setting can be meaningful. We previously launched the ability for Pages to start Facebook Groups so that they can engage with their communities. We are now testing the ability for Pages to join existing Facebook Groups as well.”

As stated, this update is still being tested; therefore it may not be available for all Facebook Groups at this moment in time. But, if the feature goes out to all Pages, then many Pages will stand to benefit from this. Having access to many communities and customers that they were previously kept from will only increase levels of engagement and reach for Pages, along with this they will be able to involve themselves in conversations by liking and commenting with other members in the groups that they join.

Snapchat teams up with Amazon

Snapchat and Amazon have announced a new partnership to take over the e-commerce community. They have created a ‘visual search’ tool that will allow Snapchat users to find real-life items using Amazon’s inventory. Snapchat has been having great success with its regular updates as of late, but this one could be the breakthrough that they have been looking for.

The aim is to turn the Snapchat camera into a visual search tool that is able to recognise and link users to items sold on Amazon through seeing the object or by scanning barcodes. When an item is found, an Amazon card will appear and the user will be able to shop in only a few clicks.

The visual search tool is currently only available for a select few accounts so far, and Snapchat and Amazon have not commented further on the new feature, so it’s hard to say when it will be rolled out to the masses.

Brands have already started jumping at this opportunity and have partnered with Snapchat and Amazon, a big name being Under Armour who is promoting their new HOVR shoe. This, along with the previous campaigns involving Shoppable Snaps and their recent high-visibility shopping campaigns, shows that Snapchat is really working to keep a stronghold on their social e-commerce kingdom.

Google Data Studio is now available for one and all

You data addicts better keep reading, this one’s for you! The Google Data Studio is finally out of its beta testing and is becoming available to everyone as a free visualisation and reporting tool.

Google introduced its Data Studio back in 2016 as a beta and since then has been working to increase its stability and improves its new features. It’s now ready. Google Data Studio is rolling out as part of Google Marketing Platform and will be integrated with the Google Cloud.

For those who are not familiar with the Data Studio, it will allow its users to access their data from a multitude of sources such as Google Analytics, Google Ads, Display and Video 360, Search Ads 360, YouTube Analytics, Google Sheets, Google BigQuery and over 500 other data sources – both Google and Non-Google. Along with this, it allows users to share this information easily with collaborators or to create reports.

A great new tool to amalgamate all of your marketing channels data allowing for great reporting and easy sharing, it’s a thumbs up from us

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