03rd Jul 2017 by Helen Stirling

Instagram Influencer Tool From 10 Yetis Will Make You Keep Your Content On Brand

Instagram Influencer Tool From 10 Yetis Will Make You Keep Your Content On Brand

Influencers (Insta-vain people) take note. We here at 10 Yetis have just launched our Instagram Colour Palette Generator over at MyInstaPalette.com. Want to know what it's all about? Read on...

Instagram and it’s meteoric rise…

Instagram seems to go from strength to strength and shows no sign of slowing down. The platform now boasts an incredible 700 million users, the latest 100 million were added in just 4 months and the newest 50 million have been added since the stories feature was introduced in April. There are new features added to the platform weekly, which is helping it to continue to grow, for example the 'stories' function, new story features and new layouts. Instagram has also become the platform of choice for influencers, with many seeing their highest follower numbers and strongest level of engagement here; though often the engagement rate can be fairly low (a topic for a whole other blog). These influencers often put a lot of time and effort into the design and aesthetics of their Instagram pages, taking themes into account, colours and their photography style. If you don’t believe me, try googling ‘creating an Instagram theme’ and see how many blog results come up! So, we thought what better way to discover your colour aesthetic on Instagram than pulling out a palette of your most used colours!

What and why?

So that’s how we came up with the idea. Now, why would you want to use it? Many bloggers run a seasonal feel on their Instagram pages, or focus on certain themes throughout the year. For example, some bloggers focus on a seasonal theme; spring, summer, autumn, winter. Others have an overall aesthetic, such as white backgrounds, flat lays and faded filters. Some even have solid monthly colour themes, e.g. June could be based around all green posts; green interiors, avocado toast, green fashion, green in nature etc. So, to keep a branded feel to all content, it’s useful to have a palette of colour taken directly from your page, so that future content can be planned with either a similar or contrasting colour theme; whichever you would find most useful. You may find that using the colour palette generator makes you consider your Instagram aesthetic more than you had previously. We’ve even heard of influencers selecting certain drinks or food dishes at restaurants based on the colours of the ingredients included, so that they can include it on their Instagram feed.

How it works

The generator just needs you to sign in via your Instagram account and then it analyses your 20 most recent images to find your most used colours. It can also conveniently tell you your most used filter, should you want to focus on a similar look across all photos, as well as the filter that your most-liked picture uses. You can move your cursor over the generated palette to discover the hex codes of the colours, which is especially useful if you are looking for colours to use in design elements on your Instagram account (and then perhaps translate those across to your blog too). There is the option to download your generated palette to keep for future use, and if you change your theme in future, you can come back to check your latest palette to get more info about your colour branding. Of course, there is also the option to share your colour palette on your social media, so you can compare yours with your friends.

Have a watch of our video below to see how the generator works (it’s pretty simple!) and go and check out your colour palette now!

Upcoming influencer blog

We looked at some of the top food, fashion and fitness bloggers' colour palettes to get an idea of what sort of colour palettes work and to find out if and how they pick the colour themes for their accounts. We’ll be considering this a bit more in-depth in a new blog which will be out in the coming week. You’ll be able to get your Instagram looking as pretty as Josie LDN’s, as strong as Rob Lipsett’s or as delicious as Deliciously Ella’s. We’ll find out their colour palettes, what that says about their Instagram style and hopefully find out what goes into the decisions behind their Instagram uploads.

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