08th Apr 2019 by Jamal Lawrence

Snapchat In-App Gaming, Apple/Amazon Collaboration, Meme Ban and The Latest Bitcoin Surge

Snapchat’s New In-App Gaming Platform

Snapchat has added a new dimension to its beloved media app called Snap Games. With the intention of keeping up with the rise of social gaming, Snap has launched the gaming platform with a bang, releasing an unrivaled six titles to enjoy.

Snap Games is reducing the friction in the $77 billion industry by having a platform that is compatible with all mobile devices that are able to download the app. No additional downloads or sign-ups are required, plus time waiting to match with potential players has been cut out. The games/challenges will work on an invite-only basis amongst your existing contacts.

The HTML5-based gaming will be accessible through a new rocket button within the app’s group chat. Players are able to chat with each other through the gameplay via text chat or talk directly via voice.

Ain't no party like a Bitmoji Party, right? With the incorporation of Snapchat’s Bitmoji compatibilities, they are able to demonstrate the capabilities to potential developers. Bitmoji Party is a series of mini-games that uses player’s Bitmojis as avatars. There is the opportunity to play with up to eight characters, but what if you have additional friends that want to play at the same time? Well, there is a spectator mode for the unfortunate players that miss out.

Apple/Amazon Collaboration Continues

Apple music is now compatible on Amazon Fire TV, following on from the collaboration with Amazon Echo earlier this year. To access this feature, all you need to do is open the Alexa app and go to settings > music > link new service to get started.

Once the feature has be applied within the settings, simply mention the phrase ‘Apple Music’ to Alexa when requesting a song or podcast. For example, ‘Play today's hits on Apple Music’ or ‘Play (artist/podcast name) on Apple Music’.

If you own an Amazon Fire TV Cube, you will have the convenient functionality of sending music throughout the house using Apple Music and Alexa.

We’re yet to find out how the collaboration between these two tech giants will effect Amazon Music’s popularity.

Meme Ban, Really?

The transitional period that surrounds copyright has left an uncertainty to what will be allowed or forbidden on the web. With the ongoing issue of protecting the work of creatives, the European Parliament approved reforms to try to do exactly that. Users will still be able to upload content across their favourite platforms However, more content could now go through a rigorous process to remove any content that might be seen as copyright.

Article 11 and 13 of the reforms will now see tech companies like YouTube and Facebook be more liable for any copyrighted content uploaded to their platforms. This will increase the power of creators, as they will be able to negotiate better remuneration deals for the use of their work.

Our head Yeti, Andy, had his say on how this will affect the industry:

“I don't think consumers will see a real change to be honest. I think the real change will sit with creative agencies like ours that are coming up with content and with the platforms themselves like Facebook, YouTube and Google and how they will manage it. I think consumers will always find a way around this. There are always ways to sit and watch satire and funny films and videos. So i dont think consumers will notice a real difference.”

The Latest Bitcoin Surge

Back when Bitcoin was in its hay days, the price soared to the ridiculous heights of £13,200, which made a lot of traders extremely wealthy. The boom was soon followed by an inevitable bust, with prices plunging to a miserable £2,500. Now the crypto giant has seen a great growth period that has a lot of people excited.

March was a great month for the crypto world with Bitcoin prices surging 17% on Tuesday 2nd April, touching £3,800. This is the highest price since November 2018. With prices fluctuating between £2,600 and £2,900 for three months, the trading sharks were alerted once the sudden crypto splash increased to £3,800.

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