14th Sep 2018 by Sam Benzie

Snapchat is letting its favourite publishers make money off of your posts! Pinterest is growing like you wouldn’t believe, Spotify and Hulu team up to save students everywhere! Vimeo is cashing in on stock video!

Snapchat is letting its favourite publishers make money off of your posts!

Snapchat has been in need of revenue for some time now, and once again they have found an innovative way to get what they need; however this time it’s not going to benefit its users.

Snapchat’s “Curate Our Stories” feature enables publishers to use the content that users have created to curate them into live stories that they can then monetise. The feature is built on a revenue sharing model but only Snapchat and publishers will make money from this. For now, the program is only open to 20 selected news partners like CNN, Cosmopolitan, Lad Bible and NowThis. These live stories will be featured in Snapchat Discover going out to 75 million viewers per month. Along with this, publishers can also embed stories onto their own websites if they choose to.

In exchange for their share of the revenue, Snapchat is providing publishers with a content management system which will allow them to search for snaps that use key words and locations that link to their stories.

So, Snapchat is not only letting publishers use your content for free, they are also making it easy for them to find, along with this they are making it monetise-able for the publishers but not the users, and to top it all off the username in the story will be hidden too, so there’s not even a chance of any second hand recognition from all of this!

Pinterest is growing like you wouldn’t believe

Pinterest may not be as big as the kingpins such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter but it is growing at a tremendous rate. Pinterest’s Co-Founder Evan Sharp provided the number that really matters: The platform has more monthly active users “than the population of Brazil!” Yes, Pinterest has officially crossed the 250 million-MAU milestone.

Pinterest has a largely mixed audience; it is growing hugely on an international level. Sharp explained in his announcement of the milestone, “over half of the people on Pinterest—and 80% of new signups—are from outside the United States.”

Not only is Pinterest’s user numbers growing but the platform is having a positive effect on them too. 98% of Pinterest users actively go out and try ideas that they find on the platform according to a Nielsen study. Pinterest also attributes its great success to its vast amounts of content, with over 175 billion Pins for users to explore. That’s an increase of 75% in roughly a year and a half.

Spotify and Hulu team up to save students everywhere!

The Spotify Premium for Students service is promising, offering premium access to Spotify as well as Hulu streaming for the tiny price of $4.99 a month. To top this all off, Spotify Premium for Students will cost $0.99 for the first three months. Students in the US are even luckier; they will also receive access to Showtime, making it even harder for them to make it to those 9am classes.

“Spotify Premium has just changed the content game for students,” Alex Norström, Chief Premium Officer at Spotify said in a statement. “By joining forces with Showtime and continuing our relationship with Hulu, Spotify Premium is now able to give students a complete world of music and video content, shows and film.”

As if there wasn’t enough reasons to want to be a student again, Spotify and Hulu have made it even more desirable. Spotify Premium will allow users to listen to and stream millions of songs without interruption, while Hulu boasts a roster of binge-able shows from Brooklyn Nine-Nine to Family Guy. But be quick, the offer expires on the 9th of October, so get buying!

Vimeo is cashing in on stock video!

Vimeo is creating a group of creatives from a wide spectrum of video disciplines. Its artists who are exclusive to the platform are going beyond the stock video offering, and are delving deeper into storytelling.

These videos will be royalty free, which means that when users buy this footage they will pay a onetime licence fee to use the video footage. As well as this, as the video clips are royalty free and cleared for commercial use, users will be able to use the clips an unlimited amount of times on an unlimited number of video projects from; commercial, narrative films, documentaries, websites and corporate videos.

The stock clips come in either HD or 4K. The HD clips start at $79 and the 4K clips start at $199. Yet if you want to buy multiple clips users can purchase a membership and receive 20% off. As well as this, the creators get 70% of the earnings from purchases of their clips, not a bad deal at all!

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