09th Nov 2018 by Sam Benzie

Vine is back! Facebook is letting us delete those risky messages, We can now share IGTV content in Stories, LinkedIn is introducing a new way to advertise

Vine is back!

Dom Hofmann the co-creator of Vine announced this week that they had a new looping video app that is coming this spring.However, it won’t be called Vine anymore; the new app will be called Byte and is a direct heir to the truly missed Vine. It has been a long wait but having a date of release and even a name is extremely encouraging. There has not been much released about the new app or how it will work, but it can be assumed that the app will work in a very similar way to Vine.

Now, if you don’t know what Vine was, I can only assume you have lived under a rock for the past few years. Vine was a huge success when it was first released and was even acquired by Twitter, but shortly after it was shut down in 2016.

The shutdown of Vine left many people with a six second hole in their hearts, and nothing to fill it with, this led to questions of a second release which we finally have. Hofmann has not released any information on the concerns of funding which caused the app to be shut down previously, or anything else other than the name. But one thing is for sure, the return of six second videos will bring joy to a lot of teenagers missing 2016.

Facebook is letting us delete those risky messages

It’s officially here, the thing that we’ve all been asking for; Facebook messenger is now letting us unsend our messages! But wait, there’s a catch, you can only un-send the message 10 minutes after it’s been sent.

So if you accidently send the message to the wrong group or send a regrettable photo, you’ll soon be able to take it back without regret. This new feature has been seen in the new release notes of the version 191.0 of Messenger for IOS. Not quite as good as the hour long chance you have that WhatsApp gives you, but it’s a start!

This feature has been rumoured ever since the Facebook team admitted that they were allowing Mark Zuckerberg to delete messages that he had sent, and last month it was even spotted in test. But, don’t get your hopes up just yet, just because you can delete regrettable messages it doesn’t mean you can get away from those quick screenshots! So be safe out there.

We can now share IGTV content in Stories

Instagram and Facebook have been working very hard as of late to push stories and to engage their audiences in the social sharing platform. Facebook has been constantly updating stories and adding new features, and now Instagram is going all out too. It is clear to Instagram after much research, that the addition of IGTV videos will help stories go even further. The best part, Instagram has made it very simple! According to their latest announcement, all you have to do is tap on the paper aeroplane icon at the bottom of the video you want to share.

If anyone wants to view the IGTV story they can simply tap the preview to watch the full video on IGTV. Since it launched a few months ago, IGTV hasn’t really taken off, so Instagram is counting on stories to boost its popularity. Along with this, Instagram is also testing the possibility of promoting Instagram Stories.Techcrunch has confirmed that some users are already able to use this feature; this comes just after Facebook brought out Stories Ads themselves.

LinkedIn is introducing a new way to advertise

LinkedIn has introduced the first public beta of its objective-based advertising within Campaign Manager. Basically making ads is going to be easier, the company has completely overhauled its Campaign Manager to make the entire process easier. As well as this, it has become easier to measure the true impact of campaigns for your business. The LinkedIn Campaign manager can now create campaigns based on advertisers’ objectives whether it is driving link clicks to their website, generating leads, or getting video views.

With the update, only the ad formats and features that support your chosen objective will be available making ads even easier to create. In addition to this, there are loads more of new enhancements that will guide advertisers through the process:

Easier navigation, combining multiple screens into a single, easy-to-navigate flow, with fewer pages to click through.

New forecasting panel, so you can see estimates of your expected results based on campaign inputs and comparisons to similar campaigns and advertisers.

Redesigned targeting experience, to highlight the power of LinkedIn’s targeting, while making it easier to use.

Live ad preview, so you see what your ad looks like as it’s being built.

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