11th Oct 2018 by Andy Barr

What the modern press release looks like - Meltwater #OutsideInsight event talk

Andy checking in. I was fortunate enough to be asked by Meltwater (go check them out, a great media intelligence company) to take part in one of their breakfast briefings called #OutsideInsight. I was tasked with exploring and sharing my own tips on the modern day press release.

The humble press release has been much maligned in recent years, and in some ways been down-classed as a second rate public relations tool. Simply put, that is completely not true and press releases are a vital part of the PR mix. In my talk for Meltwater I went through some of the context behind the use of press releases and looked at our own agency research into what journalists love and hate about PR-land, that we have been carrying out every few years since 2013!

In addition to this I threw in some sneaky extra tips on how to get your press release pitch email opened, based on some tests that our very own Shannon Peerless (Head of PR) has been running with outreach emails.

The slides are below. Finally, a massive thanks to Meltwater for the invite to speak and an extra special thanks to the audience for not jeering, or laughing at my very orange trousers (ruddy Internet purchases!)

What the modern press release should look like - Meltwater #OutsideInsight from 10 Yetis Digital

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