13th Jun 2007, by Andrew Barr

10 Dirty Yetis Are Loving MyPrivateDance.com

Should I be ashamed to say that I found this story hilarious when I read about it in The Times (who I shamelessly stole the picture from). This is not at all a usual Times story but fair play to them for running it.

The website MyPrivateDance.com secured the services of a field on the main flight path into Gatwick airport and proceeded to paint a white outline of a naked lady pole dancing with the company URL at the bottom.

Various council's, cardigan wearing authorities and planning people are scouring the law books to see if everything is in order... too late my friends, it has already got in the press and made its mark. Hats off to the marketing people involved, it will now be copied around the world...
5 dollar ho ho ho
I lub you wong time

God only knows what will appear near Schipol airport in Amsterdam! ;-)

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